Are Acer Laptops Good For Music Production

Are Acer Laptops Good For Music Production

A decade ago, music production was unkind and gruesome. Today, it is kinder. A good midrange laptop is all you need today to have a professional music production studio at home in your room. In this guide, we will provide you complete information on “Are Acer Laptops Good For Music Production“.


Are Acer Laptops Good For Music Production 2022

We may not be able to comprehend the meaning of life but we can detect the rhythm and frequency that are all around us. Sound frequency in our everyday lives ranges from audible to inaudible, depending on its pitch.

In combining these sounds, you form music categorized and classified into different genres and categories including Rap, Country, Hip Hop, Jazz and Classical.  In the past, symphonies had been composed entirely with acoustic instruments like flutes, pianos, trombones and saxophones. There are scores of laptop manufacturers worldwide but Taiwanese multinational electronic company Acer sets itself apart from the crowd.

What Makes A Laptop The Best Laptop For Music Production?

A laptop used for music production should be thoroughly researched. Before going down to “are Acer laptops good for music production?”, let’s review all the available DAWs and their system requirements. You can use these programs to record, edit, mix and create a masterpiece audio file.

A few famous recording/production (DAW) programs include Logic Pro X (both Mac and Windows), Avid Pro Tools, FL Studio, Magix’ Acid Pro, Garageband and Cockos Reaper. Here are the specifications you should look for in a laptop that will be suitable for similar tasks when looking at the specs of these DAWs.


In the creation of content, the processor is the undisputed king. CPU still comes first even though music production requires less processing power than video editing. The same goes for video production including countless edits, auto-tunes, mixes, etc. A CPU can actively perform all these rushed commands that require some guts. The ideal CPU for music production is a quad-core CPU. Although a few DAWs can be happy with a dual-core processor, a quad-core CPU is ideal.

A more powerful CPU increases profitability. In addition, make sure the processor has a speed of 2.5 or 3 gigahertz at the very least. You would also have to deal with synthesizer plugins like Xfer Serum.  The CPU can easily overclock, so you will feel that fluidity no matter what task you throw at it. The ideal laptop for creating audio content is one with a Core i5 (AMD Ryzen 5 or 7) Quad-core processor clocked at 2.5GHz.

Storage Space (SSD or HDD)

It is not uncommon for content creators to deal with hundreds of files and folders at any given time. In addition, it is unclear what else would need to be kept track of and saved to sample files and software.

Therefore, you’ll need a lot of disk space. Therefore, we recommend 512GB if you’re using a laptop for music production or content creation. The advantage of SSDs over HDDs is that they minimize loading and boot-up times where it can take minutes to load a mighty music library. However, laptops today already contain SSD chips, so this shouldn’t be an issue. The storage capacity should be at least 512GB or even colossal.


You should also pay attention to the memory or RAM of the laptop. A good deal of memory must be available when performing these music production tasks. We recommend you get a laptop with at least 8 gigs of memory although most DAWs like Ableton Live and F1 Studio only require 4GB of RAM.  It will not only run virtually all of those professional programs but it will also be helpful if you use one of those less RAM-hungry DAWs.

Other Factors

You need to pay attention to the processor, memory and storage on your laptop. When searching for a laptop for content creation jobs, there are a few other things to keep in mind.

  • Being a music producer and recorder, you’ll need a laptop with many connectivity ports. You’ll have a hectic workflow routine from the outside. The laptop should have multiple USB ports like an HDMI port, a display port, a MIDI port and a microSD slot. A laptop should have as many ports as possible.
  • The operating system should also be considered. All the programs and software are updated regularly to ensure the DAW software is compatible with the latest OS versions. Therefore, you can take advantage of them only if your computer is running the latest version of Windows.
  • Your laptop may also give you an advantage if it has an optical drive. It is worth keeping in mind that optical drives are only used by a tiny percentage of laptops today.

Are Acer Laptops Good for Music Production?

The company has a great deal of mid-range machines and those flagship models like the Predator. It is possible to purchase the Acer Aspire 5 and Swift 3 for music production since they are two of the best mid-range but powerful Acer laptops. In addition, Acer offers budget-friendly laptops such as the Aspire 5 A515, Swift 5, Aspire VX, E 15, and Spin 5.

You can find laptops with at least an i5 CPU, 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of solid-state drives (pro versions with 1 TB, others with 256 or 512 GB). The majority of these laptops are under 1200 dollars as well. A few are even below $500 while some are even less than $700. The price of laptops for music production is no longer prohibitive. It’s also possible to find a good laptop for music production even for less than 500 dollars.

Frequently Asked Question

Is an Acer laptop good for music?

You won’t be disappointed when remixing your mixtapes with Acer laptops since they provide excellent battery life and great specifications.

Is Acer Aspire 5 suitable for music production?

This Aspire 5 comes from an already impressive lineup of Acer products and it’s an affordable, practical, snappy addition to your desk.

Can you use any laptop for music production?

It is vital that the device you choose meets the minimum requirements for your application and has an adequate storage capacity for your mixtapes.

Final Verdict

The music production business isn’t as bad at meeting demands as the umbrella term’s content creation business.  The reason is that music producers need a decent everyday laptop when other content creators like videographers require those off-the-wall creator machines. You can accomplish most of these tasks on any laptop just one or two steps above an entry-level model.

Regarding the brand Acer, the answer is always a big YES when it comes to Acer laptops suitable for music production. You will not find any low-performing machines in Acer’s range at the very least not ones that aren’t good for music creation. In this respect, we suggest keeping your budget a bit high like at least $700.

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