ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On But Lights Are ON

ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On But Lights Are ON

To turn on or off the display when the ASUS is not turning on but the power light is on, press Fn + F7. You can change the brightness of the screen by pressing Fn + F6. If the display screen remains black when you press Fn + F8, your laptop’s power light may turn on, possibly because you need to replace the battery.

The situation is highly frustrating for laptop users. To resolve the problem, they must use techniques requiring them to identify the source of the problem and therefore arrive at a solution.


ASUS Laptop Won’t Turn On But Lights Are ON

The power light may appear on your laptop but the screen does not turn on for various reasons. The power light may not even illuminate a laptop if it is experiencing a fault or has a low battery charge. There may be a problem with your PC’s connection to external devices or it might require charging when it is OFF.

Solutions For Why Laptop Won’t Turn On But Power Light Is On

Unplug Your Laptop

You should hold down the power button for 30 seconds after removing the battery. You can try powering it up again after detaching and reattaching the memory module. If the problem does not recur, try each module individually in every socket until you find the malfunctioning module or faulty socket.

Detach External Devices

Please turn off your PC and unplug all external devices including USB, keyboard, printer etc and reboot.

Try Another Screen Monitor On It

Your PC needs an HDMI cable to connect to an external monitor. The most likely cause of a malfunctioning laptop screen is a bad external monitor. If it does not come on automatically, click the “external monitor” button.

You could use the F4 button or a button with a two-monitor sign for this. A ribbon wire or the attached display might be the problem if fine images appear on the external monitor’s screen.

The GPU or graphics card could be the culprit if the external monitor won’t turn on or stays black like the laptop screen. A new motherboard may be necessary in this case.

The AC Adapter

You may want to reconnect the AC adapter and verify that the charging port is working. You can follow the steps below if you have an AC adapter attached and your laptop is not powered on:

  • The system should be turned off
  • Then turn the laptop on and press the F2 button until the BIOS appears.

The type of AC adapter must be specified in the BIOS. The PC will receive power regardless of what the Adapter displays but the battery won’t be charged. The adapter cords must be connected correctly at both ends. If it works when you plug in the adapter, you have a defective or dead PC battery.

Refix The Battery

Put the battery back in before attempting any other steps. You can resolve your PC’s screen problem with this simple step. You can also run the computer on its battery. You can also run the computer on its battery. The device should not be turned on while connected to a power source.

The battery will regain its normal state in no time at all, though it may not be complete. A good battery maintenance program can influence the extent of its recovery. In the case of a fully damaged battery, you may have the wrong time. A system can also be unable to boot due to a power issue.

Check The Power Port For A Bent Pin

The power port of a few laptops has a pin that connects to the AC adapter. A distorted or broken pin will prevent the PC from receiving power. A fix or replacement of the system’s power port is necessary to resolve this issue. However, the solution may be to replace the entire motherboard depending on the model of the laptop.

Dusty Ram

You may find your laptop won’t turn on despite the power light being on if your RAM is dusty/unclean. You can shut down your laptop and use the RAM slot on the back to clean the RAM.

A screwdriver and an eraser can be used to remove, clean and reinstall the RAM connecting plate on a laptop. Your laptop screen will turn on this way. This YouTube video will learn how to clean your RAM connection plate.

Remove CMOS Battery

The CMOS battery can be removed and reinstalled after trying the previously explained method. Your motherboard may be damaged if you don’t try this solution.

Frequently Asked Question

My Laptop Won’t Turn On But The Power Light Stays On For A Few Seconds?

If this does not fix the issue, disconnect all peripheral devices from your PC. Afterward, hold down the power button for about a minute, plug in the adaptor and turn on the laptop.

My Laptop Won’t Turn On But The Power Light Is On Built-In Battery?

The hardware on your system is detecting power. You can check either battery or AC power lamps on your laptop if it has separate lights for them. The battery would have to be faulty if the AC lamp came on, but not the battery.

My Laptop Won’t Turn On But The Power Light Is On In Windows 10?

Test to see if Windows 10 will boot in safe mode. This will only load the necessary services and drivers. A driver issue may be responsible for the boot failure.

Final Verdicts

You should carefully follow the steps listed above as one of them will provide you with the solution you need. This should help you and provide you with some suggestions on fixing your laptop issues.

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