Can you use Alienware as a normal computer

Can You Use Alienware As A Normal Computer

The PCs are just regular ones that are excellent for gaming. The same things you can do on any other computer (Microsoft Office, E-mail, surfing, watching movies, editing photos, etc.) are possible on them. In this article, we discuss Can You Use Alienware Laptop As a Normal Computer. It is possible to perform normal tasks with an Alienware laptop daily. Though it is larger and bulkier than the average Dell, Apple or HP laptop, the Alienware laptop meets most of your computing needs.


Can You Use Alienware As A Normal Computer

A popular brand among multimedia developers and gamers is Alienware. The brand’s flashy, high-tech designs may seem like a package to some. The majority of people are indecisive when it comes to choosing Alienware over other gaming brands.

Is Alienware Worth It?

There are many factors to consider like which product you’re talking about what you plan to use it for and whether you’re tech-savvy. It is evident from this article that Alienware laptops are worth the money. In contrast, building your PCs and desktops is a better option. Having the knowledge, skills and time will make it easier, You may well get value for your money if you don’t.


There are many advantages that we discussed here.

Elegant Design

A unique and modern design is one of the most outstanding features of Alienware’s products. You feel like the laptops and desktops are out of this world with their texture and material. The anodized aluminum, platinum, copper, magnesium and platinum used by Alienware make its products stiff and rigid. The RGB lighting on most Alienware pieces is quite cool.

Your Alienware laptop can have RGB lighting on the logo, keyboard, edges and trackpad depending on which model you purchase. Through the Alienware command center, you can customize the colors and lights. You can customize each key independently on the keyboard on most of the new laptops, so you can let your creativity run wild.

In addition to having rounded corners, newer laptop models have a less aggressive design. There are a few key areas on the laptops where flashing lights are not permitted giving them a more elegant appearance. In light of Alienware’s vibrant gadgets, it’s easy to see why.

Powerful Features And Performance

Its innovative products give you an edge over your competitors in the gaming industry. They are primarily concerned with performance and are willing to compromise on weights and dimensions. Alienware’s new laptops and desktops come with Intel Core overclockable processors and Nvidia’s Super GPUs. Their designs are slimmer and they still have high-end hardware.

In addition to giving you incredible content creation capabilities, this combination gives you outstanding performance. You can extend the gaming time by using Alienware laptops with video RAM instead of regular RAM. Their response time is 9 milliseconds, high voltage driving fans and dynamic thermal control.

The latest desktop models feature liquid cooling GPUs which improve performance, reduce noise and raise the temperature. The CPU of even older models is cooled by liquid. In addition, Alienware products are customizable to a great extent. You can choose from OLED panels, dual SSDs, overclockable CPUs and GPUs.


It is now possible to log in to your Alienware laptop using your eye with the Tobii eye tracker included in the latest models. A password does not have to be entered with this facial recognition technology. There is a new cooling system in the latest laptops that keeps the temperature at an optimal level and improves performance at the same time.

You won’t have to worry about staining your precious gaming device with Alienware’s new clear-coat paint formula, resistant to stains and smudges. The latest headset models feature retractable microphones that offer excellent voice quality, a custom-tuned driver, custom-designed earcups and chambers.

Wide Range of Screen Options

These extra screen features aren’t necessary for everyone but having the option is good. There are several gaming-friendly features such as 4K, G-SYNC and higher refresh rates. There is no better gaming experience than Alienware’s 120Hz screens for games that run beyond 60 frames per second.

High-Quality Keyboards And Touchpads

The Cherry MX keyboard key series has been updated with new keys capable of withstanding 50 million keystrokes! In addition, they can be fully programmed. A floating key architecture and enhanced ergonomics facilitate efficient gaming. In addition to a quality and reliable keyboard, Alienware laptops also come with gaming-related accessories.

The typography is clear, the lettering font is easy to read and the feedback is crisp. Touchpads are included on the laptops. Gaming is much more enjoyable with the newer models’ precision-point touchpads. There are two separate buttons below the surface that you can use for clicking even though you cannot use the surface for clicking.

You can easily press them, and they’re perfect for gaming. It is possible to customize the color of the keys and the touchpad on most Alienware devices.

Support and Warranty

It is also safe and stable to overclock Alienware systems. If you have a problem, Alienware offers a variety of interactive platforms where you can find solutions such as Reddit, YouTube, Quora and others. The customer support provided by Dell and Alienware is excellent.

Their services include both telephone and web. The warranty on Alienware products is standard. In addition to free two-day shipping, a one-year hardware warranty and in-home service after a remote diagnosis, the service includes no additional charges for the first year.

There are other warranty options available from this company that are quite expensive. Still, they are worth the money if you have made a significant investment such as a laptop from Alienware.

There’s “Premium Support,” where Dell support assistants diagnose your problem and put you in touch with Alienware. There’s also “Support Plus” for optimizing PC performance and removing viruses from your computer. A two-year or four-year package can be purchased.


Alienware gaming laptops and desktops have received many positive reviews. There is a lot of excellent feedback on the headphones as well.


There are many drawbacks also that needs to be discussed also.


The Alienware brand is a well-known expensive one. Spending extra money on specifics and features may seem excessive but some people think it’s worth it. The devices are widely considered overpriced. There is a lot of discussion about the brand’s desktop PCs in this debate. They also charge relatively high prices for their laptops.

Despite Alienware laptops not being the most expensive, some customers claim to end up spending hundreds more when they purchase one. In fairness, they have improved their prices recently and you can find good deals if you search for them. Alienware does not sell budget gaming laptops or desktops but its products usually fall in the mid-range gaming category.

Unbalanced Systems

Some view Alienware’s hardware as excessive. The Aurora computer line has a processor costing about $1,000. The best processor does not require you to sacrifice overall device quality. The processor doesn’t come with a video card or SSD of high quality. Additionally, their power supplies and motherboards could be improved. In this case, the computer is not performing at its best. The low-quality RAM and motherboards used in some Alienware products are suspected of being Dell.

Left Out Details

There have been suggestions that Alienware employs a high-end processor as a marketing strategy. Therefore, most consumers will assume all the parts are high-end too. The Haswell i9 processors is impressive and will not outperform the i7 if they are not matched with the right RAM, GPU and hard disk.

In some cases, companies tend to leave out some details in their product descriptions which is a cause for concern. A high-tech processor is always mentioned but the manufacturer of the other components is never mentioned.

Their biggest mistake is failing to mention what motherboard they use and what power supply they use. Good-quality motherboards and power supplies ensure that your system lasts. Their assembly techniques sometimes sacrifice quality for speed and the end product has a high failure rate. Reports have shown that the initial laptop deliveries contain basic flaws or are defective.

Cooling Issues

The focus on performance in Alienware laptops often leads to cooling issues. The specifications of this brand can be pushed beyond their limits by adding additional components.

In addition to being costly, these upgrades also raise the CPU’s temperature. Temperatures could damage a laptop’s components over 90 degrees over the long term. You’ll need to limit boost frequency and power draw to keep the laptop cool. It is also possible to raise a laptop by raising its back.

Heavy and Thick Laptops

In addition to making high-performance laptops and PCs, Alienware also produces a lot of gaming accessories. Depending on your preferences, you could view this as a pro or a con. Compared to other gaming laptops, their laptops have thicker casings, making them heavier.

If you only plan to use your laptop for gaming at home, this shouldn’t be an issue. This could become a problem if you travel with your laptop regularly. Some Alienware laptops are slimmer and less bulky such as the m15 and m17. It’s worth comparing other brands’ weight and size to ensure you aren’t surprised.

Lack of SD Card Slot

In contrast to its competitors, Alienware laptops do not have an SD card slot. Those who frequently work with portable storage media such as video editors and photographers, might find this a problem. Despite this, solving the problem isn’t difficult. 

You Could Build Your PC for Less

In many cases, avid gamers believe you can build a PC for less than Alienware and to the same quality as Alienware. The argument is that you’ll know the design is high quality if you select all the parts and components. You can improve your system by purchasing better parts with extra savings. Anyone can build a PC, even if they have no computer experience. You can read more about it online. The learning process will take some time but it will be worth it in the long run.

Who Should Buy Alienware?

This laptop is an excellent choice if you want to play high-end games, handle intense video processing, stream, edit audio or develop multimedia applications. Despite the cost, you know that their laptops are durable and robust. A decent desktop should be your first choice if you know nothing about computers. Even the low-end models are fantastic. It doesn’t matter what device you choose.

There will be one that will solve your problems. Its downside is that Alienware is unsuitable for tech-savvy users who like to customize their computers. It is possible to build your automobile for a lot less money or with a lot more horsepower if you are part of this group. There are various preferences, needs and budget considerations that each individual has. Your decision about which brand and model is best for you ultimately rests with you.

Final Verdicts

Overall, choosing an Alienware laptop or desktop will depend on combining all the factors discussed above. To determine which PC will have the best performance for your budget, you should consider what kind of setup you intend to build. The best gaming PC is always a desktop computer if budget isn’t an issue. You can get a very premium gaming setup with an Alienware desktop computer because they have more room for high-end specs and flexibility with upgrades.

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