Game Pass confirmation for Stardew Valley-inspired Spirittea

Game Pass confirmation for Stardew Valley-inspired Spirittea

In addition to the PC and Nintendo Switch versions, the East Asia life simulation will also be released next year on PC. The PC and Xbox Game Pass versions of Spirittea will be released by No More Robots in early 2023. Nintendo Switch is also expected to launch the life simulation.

Spirittea will release on PC and Xbox Game Pass in early 2023, according to publisher No More Robots. In addition to the life sim, the Nintendo Switch version is also in development.

As part of Wholesome Snack: The Game Awards Edition, a new trailer for Spirittea was also shown, providing a glimpse of the game’s gameplay loop. A book is being written by the game’s protagonist at the beginning of the video. It seems, however, that drinking and catching bugs are some of the best ways for you to find inspiration.

Game Pass confirmation for Stardew Valley-inspired

In the game, the protagonist actually sees spirits after taking a swig of water from a mystical teapot. Cats are always ready to lend a helping hand when players work on rejuvenating an old bathhouse in the countryside.

The game is both a life simulator and a management game, according to its developer Cheesemaster Games. After spirits arrive at the bathhouse, players should pamper them and entice them to return. Stardew Valley and other anime have been cited as inspirations. Although it does seem to have some similarities with the classic movie Spirited Away.

At Spirittea, spirits aren’t the only thing on offer. Additionally, players have the chance to interact with locals, who are busy and interested in different things. There is also fishing and treasure hunting to be had in the trailer, in addition to drinking and bug-catching.

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