Game Pigeon Not Working

Game Pigeon Not Working

Your iOS device can be used to play Game Pigeon with your friends over iMessage. A game like 8 ball or online poker can be fun to play. There may be issues when installing this platform or accessing it. It’s a potential stumbling block. But sometimes Game Pigeon Not Working and we will fix it here.

Therefore, players can respond to their chosen games while conversing. Aside from that, iPhone and iPad users can play their favorite games using only a single app. Therefore, it reduces the storage requirement of storing multiple games and frees up space on your computer.


Game Pigeon Not Working 2022

The Pigeon app has a lot of exciting content but it has recently stopped working. It appears that many iPad and iPhone users cannot accept or send any game invites. In reality, the device hangs only when an invitation to play a game is opened. Additionally, users experience the same issue if they retry the operation.

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Why Is My GamePigeon Not Working On My IPad Or iPhone?

For three reasons, your iMessage tool may not function with the GamePigeon application.

Bugs Or Glitches

The GamePigeon application may experience a few software or loading glitches which will prevent the application from running or launching correctly. A script in the program may have been miswritten causing these bugs.

Out-Of-Date IOS

There is a chance that some applications will not run on your iPhone or iPad if you don’t have the latest iOS version. This might be the case with GamePigeon. You can only resolve this issue by updating your iOS system to the latest version.

Inactive IMessage Feature

It is essential to understand that iOS device users must activate iMessage before using this feature to text others. The confusion may arise due to GamePigeon integrating with iMessage before activation. The lack of this feature will prevent users from playing with their friends.

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Interference By Major IOS Updates

According to reports, iOS updates interfere with GamePigeon’s functionality. It is impossible to resolve this issue other than restarting the game and hoping it will run on a second attempt. The GamePigeon developers may also address these issues and send a working update.

Incorrect Device Time And Date

Online services on any device can be hampered if the date or time is misconfigured. This can cause your GamePigeon to fail to work or install and create a large amount of incorrectly recorded data. You must manually set your GamePigeon application to synchronize with the time zone. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Absence Of An Internet Connection

A connection to the internet is needed to use GamePigeon. An internet connection is necessary to play games with friends. This network will also allow regular messages to be sent through iMessage. You must ensure that the iOS device has a network connection to use GamePigeon.

Temporary Bugs

The difference between temporary and major bugs is that the former will likely disappear quickly with or without prompting. They can easily be removed by restarting the device or platform. You may need to wait it out if this does not work. They do no harm and are harmless to your computer’s performance.

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Ways to Solve the Game Pigeon Not Working Issue on iOS Devices

Restart the iOS Device

iOS devices typically require a restart to function properly. Users confirmed that a simple reboot resolved the issue in both iPad and iPhone cases. This solution has been proven effective for a large number of users.

This error is also caused by cached temporary files and a minor issue with the operating system. It is necessary to reboot your iOS device to eliminate the temporary data it has maintained. Depending on the model, it is possible to restart the iPhone or iPad differently.

Steps to Restart

iPhone 10 and Other Higher Versions

  • You have to press and hold the side or volume button of your device and wait for the display of its power-off slider.
  • Then turn on the computer after dragging the power off slider.
  • To do so, you must press and hold the side button again.

iPhone SE Second Generation with iPhone 6 to iPhone 8

  • You can see the slider by pressing and holding the side button on your device.
  • You can turn it on and off with the same side button you used to turn it off.
  • The time before the mentioned actions must be given 30 seconds.

iPhone SE First Generation, iPhone 5 and its lower versions

  • You will need to hold or press the power off slider until it appears on your iPhone device.
  • The power should be reduced by dragging the slider and then turned on once the power has gone down.

IPad without its Home Button

  • Your iPad’s volume down and volume up buttons must be held down.
  • You’ll see the power slider after a while.
  • A 30-second wait is required after you drag the power slider.
  • The volume up and down keys now allow you to turn the iPad device.

iPad with its Home Button

  • You must hold down the top button and wait for the slider to appear to turn the device off.
  • After this, please use the same top button to start the device again after moving the power slider for a while

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Follow Simple Steps To Update iOS Version

A legacy version of iOS causes Game Pigeon to appear on iPhones and iPads. It occurs whenever Apple releases an update to its iPad or iPhone.

You can update your iOS device to the latest version using these instructions:

  • You can access the settings option on the home screen of your iPhone or iPad by going to the main menu.
  • You can select General from the Settings menu.
  • You will find the option of Software Update on the General tab.
  • The software update checker is now available. The latest iOS version must be installed if you see a software update notification. Follow the on-screen directions to do this. The device must be restarted as well.
  • You should reopen Game Pigeon and see if the problem still occurs.

The update to the new iOS version will not be notified to iPad and iPhone users immediately.

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GamePigeon Invitation Issues on iMessage

  • The iPhone version of GamePigeon has been known to crash when opened from an invitation. It opens the app but does not work once it arrives at the page.
  • Some factors can cause this issue. It can quickly be resolved. These solutions work for both iPhones and iPads.
  • To resolve the issue, follow these steps. If you follow these steps, your issue will be fixed.

Restart Your Device

  • The solution to a problem on your iPhone or iPad is usually to restart the device.
  • There are times when iOS glitches, causing applications not to open properly. This fix restores the smooth performance of iOS by restarting the device.
  • It’s easy to restart your device. The power-off slider appears when you press the top or side buttons. You can slide it off by pressing it again.
  • It is recommended to wait 30 seconds after shutting down the device before starting it again with the same button.
  • Thirty seconds is necessary to ensure the device shuts down correctly and starts up again.
  • The volume up or down button can restart iPads without a home button. You can restart the device by pressing the button long enough, and a slider will appear.

Update Your iOS

  • In addition to staying up-to-date with Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch updates, GamePigeon is specifically designed to work with Apple devices.
  • Likely, you have not updated your iOS which is why GamePigeon is not working on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • You need to update your iOS device as soon as a new version is released. In doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy all the entertainment GamePigeon has to offer without the app crashing.
  • Apple devices can be updated by going to Settings on their home page. Then open the Software Update tab under the General tab.
  • A software update will be automatically downloaded. A prompt message will appear on the device if an update is available and you can download and install it.
  • The device must have at least 80% charged before installing the update once it has been downloaded.
  • A restart is required to install the update once you press install. You can continue to use the GamePigeon application once it’s installed. You can play games with your friends after installing it.

It’s important to remember that older devices will have to wait longer to receive the update. It may be a while before you can get the latest update for GamePigeon for iPhone 7 even though a new iOS has been released.

Disable and Re-Enable the iMessage

It means the problem doesn’t lie in an iOS glitch or an update if neither of the above methods works. There is another possible cause of the crash. A glitch in the iMessage function causes it not to work correctly. You can disable iMessage, turn it back on and then activate it again.

The steps are as follows:

  • Go to the Settings page from the Home Page.
  • You can find Messages at the bottom.
  • Tap the Off button.
  • Press the On button again.

When you have finished this step, you can use iMessage again and play games with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is GamePigeon not working on the iPhone?

There are many possible reasons why your iPhone GamePigeon may crash. Upgrade your iOS. You may also encounter a network problem or iMessage problem.

What happened to my GamePigeon?

You can use simple and easy fixes to fix GamePigeon if it has crashed or isn’t working. Several factors could cause this issue.

How do you fix GamePigeon on iPhone?

There are times when GamePigeon has issues and stops working or opens invitations.

Does GamePigeon work on iPhone 12?

You can run GamePigeon on iOS 10 and later. The GamePigeon will function perfectly on the iPhone 12 since it has advanced iOS. In case GamePigeon doesn’t work on iOS 14 or higher.

Final Verdicts

You may be having problems with GamePigeon for a variety of reasons. You can also resolve these issues with an easy fix. Tell us whether it fixed your issue in the comments.

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