How To Clean Laptop Fan

How to Clean Laptop Fan With and Without Compressed Air – Complete Guide 2023

Every computer includes a cooling system. Then why? An average computer processor can perform billions of instructions per second. To work, it uses electricity, which will cause it to heat up and should be cooled down. It is way easier to clean a laptop fan yourself, but taking proper care of a mousepad requires some knowledge. We provide in-depth information on How To Clean Laptop Fans. Keep your laptop running smoothly by cleaning the fan yourself.

A cooling system must be installed inside the system to prevent the CPU from being damaged. A small fan provides cooling to the CPU and other components. The fan will become clogged with dust over time. This can damage the CPU and lead to a computer breakdown as the cooling system is unable to function properly.

It is especially difficult for business people, people traveling or people working on short deadlines to deal with such breakdowns. It is important to clean the laptop’s CPU fan in order to prevent such problems.


How to Clean Laptop Fan With and Without Compressed Air

Fans usually cool overheating components in laptops. There are usually two or three fans that cool the processor and graphics chip of a laptop. A single fan communicates with a heat pipe system connecting to a heatsink to cool components. Dust can build up between the fins of the heatsink, reducing cooling efficiency. Heat is dissipated through many fins on the heatsink.

Airflow is extremely limited because all parts of the laptop are packed tightly together to make it as thin as possible. As a result, even the tiniest amount of dirt can negatively impact the cooling system.

Clean Laptop Fan without compressed Air

In an effort to keep your laptop fan cleaner, let’s begin with a less complicated method that is less expensive. As the title says, you would not need an air compressor. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Take off the bottom panel

To open up your laptop enclosure, you must remove the bottom case (panel) of your laptop. The screws will usually need to be undone. The Phillips-head screwdriver would be sufficient if the screws are of regular size. It is possible that you will need tweezers if the screws are extremely small. After you open the cover, you will be able to see the cooling fan.

Step 2: Make sure a secure Fit

It is essential that you secure the fan in its current position at this point. Holding it between your fingers will do the trick. Be sure that the blades do not rotate during the next steps of this guide.

Step 3: Take a cloth to do the Primary Cleaning

Blowing air will not be able to remove all dust particles. You should rub the surface of the fan with a soft fiber cloth. In this way, the central part of the fan will be free from dust and dirt. A cloth gets dirty over time. Ultimately, you will either need to buy a new one or clean it off before reusing it.

Step 4: Take care of the Tents

Fans have air vents surrounding their blades. This is the time to clean out the dirt from that vent area. This can also be achieved using the same fabric. A whole fan and the other open parts can be cleaned after the dust in the vents is removed.

Step 5: Blow off the Fan

You will now wipe off all the dust that was not removed through the previous 3 steps of the core cleaning process. You can blow air into the fan to remove dust that might have gotten into it. In order to ensure that the fan is completely clean, you will have to blow it several times as the airflow from your mouth will not be much.

Step 6: Put the Bottom Cover Back

Done with the process? The laptop bottom should now be covered and firmly screwed up. When you’re going through the process, make sure to keep the screws hidden.

Clean Laptop Fan with Compressed Air

The method might be the right fit if you are not confident enough to carry out the intricate screwing and unscrewing procedures yourself. A compressor will be necessary in order to source compressed air. For those without an air blower, electricity can be used as a solution.

Step 1: Make sure that the fan is ready to be cleaned

You must power down the laptop before you begin the repair process, and ensure that no electricity flows through the motherboard of the laptop. Also, remove the battery from the laptop if possible.

Step 2: Start cleaning with compressed air

Concave tops are best for compressed air releases. You should place this right next to the blades of the fan. Start the compressed air-blowing process now. You should be aware of the pressure that is coming off the nozzle since there will be a decent amount of compressed air pressure.

Putting too much pressure on the blades could damage them. As you go through the process, use an obstacle made of plastic or something similar to stop the fan blades from rotating. Cleaning a spinning fan’s dirt with this device will be much easier.

Step 3: Take off the dust

The dust that has been removed from the fan area will be scattered as you proceed through step 2. Make sure you clean all the dust around the laptop before putting it back into order. For this purpose, you can use a fiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner.

How to Clean Laptop Fan Dell

These instructions will help you to clean a Dell laptop fan.

  • Taking out the bottom panel gives you access to the rest of the laptop. Once the bottom panel is removed, you should be able to take out the rest of the laptop. You need to remove the bottom panel before you can access the fan on the top of your Dell laptop.
  • Whenever removing the keyboard panel from Dell’s laptops, you can reach the fan. Removing all the screws will allow you to separate the keyboard panel.
  • You should be able to see the fan after removing the keyboard cover from the laptop by unthreading it on both ends.
  • You can clean your laptop fan by using a cloth rather than pulling it apart carefully with your hands.

How to Clean the Laptop Fan of Asus

It is possible to remove and clean Asus’s fans just like those of other laptops. Before you can access the fan, you need only disconnect the keyboard and touchpad cables. Be careful when you remove the keyboard power connector, as you may break it. Follow these steps to clean the fans on Asus laptops:

  • Take the lower panel off by removing all the screws and storing them in a small cup. Keep them safe.
  • To remove the keyboard panel and clean the fan, you need to take it off. Put the screws in a secure place after removing them from the board.
  • Unscrew the keyboard panel and disconnect the FFC cable from the keyboard and touchpad.
  • Remove the keyboard panel after disconnecting the cables.
  • Disconnect the fan cable: Turn the fan off, remove the fan from the motherboard, and remove the wires connected to it. Your motherboard model will determine whether you need an application. Furthermore, you can examine the model number of your motherboard.
  • To clean the fan, use a cloth and wipe it carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a laptop fan without compressed air?

If you do not wish to use compressed air, you can also clean the fan with a vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, you can open the laptop to clean the fan.

  • The bottom panel must be removed.
  • The fan’s cables should be disconnected.
  • Use a cloth to clean it.

How to clean a laptop fan with a straw?

Fill the compressed air can with the straw. Your fan vents will be easier to clean with this tool.

Can we clean the laptop fan without disassembling it?

By using a compressed air can or vacuum cleaner, you can easily clean the laptop fan without needing to disassemble it.

How much does it cost to clean a laptop fan?

Compressed air cans are quite expensive, about $80 each. So it would be more costly to clean it using compressed air. When you have a vacuum cleaner at home or if you want to disassemble your laptop to clean it, it will be free of charge. It will take time to disassemble, however.

How to clean a laptop fan of Lenovo?

Here are the steps to cleaning the Lenovo fan:

Removing batteries is a good idea.

  • To remove the bottom panel, unscrew one side on which you can see the vent.
  • Disconnect the fan’s cables.
  • Take a cloth and clean it.

What is the best way to clean a laptop fan?

If you want to get rid of the fan easily, use a compressed air can or vacuum cleaner. You should prepare the laptop for cleaning by disassembling it and cleaning the fan thoroughly.

Does cleaning the laptop fan help?

There is no doubt about it. As it helps the CPU cool down from overheating, it enhances its life and functionality.

How often do I need to clean my laptop fan?

It is a good idea to clean computer fans every six months.

Can I clean a laptop fan with water?

Water can damage the laptop fan, so we do not recommend washing it with it.

Final Verdict

The above methods are some of the ways we recommend How to Clean Laptop Fans. There should be no prior difficulty in adopting either of these two. If you are cleaning your laptop, keep an eye on other parts in order to avoid damaging them. Also, watch out for liquid cleaners.

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