How To Disable Laptop Speakers But Not Headphones

How To Disable Laptop Speakers But Not Headphones

Your laptop speakers aren’t so great, so you want to disable them but you can’t find how to do that without disabling the headphone features. You may be bothered by weird sounds coming from your speakers while you are working. The internal speakers of your laptop might not be enough for you anymore for some other reason.

You can disable the speaker functions on your laptop without affecting the headphones if you follow a few steps. How can I disable laptop speakers but not headphones? There are countless possibilities. This blog post contains the guide made by our experts.


How To Disable Laptop Speakers But Not Headphones

It is fast and straightforward to disable laptop speakers but not headphones using this Windows 10 method. These methods are only compatible with Windows 10. You can disable laptop speakers in Windows 7’s control panel.

Steps To Disable Laptop Speakers

There are sound output devices on your laptop including internal speakers, headphones and external speakers.

You can isolate and disable laptop speakers independently. Thus, you can still use external speakers or headphones after deactivating internal laptop speakers.

Temporarily disconnect any external speakers, wired or wireless headphones connected to your laptop, particularly if you are using external speakers.

  • Click on the Settings app in Windows 10.
  • The “System” option should be selected.
  • The “Sound” tab will appear in the sidebar.
  • In the Output section, you can manage sound devices.
  • You can access the laptop speaker by clicking on its entry.
  • Disable the button by clicking it.
  • You have disabled the speakers on my laptop.
  • The Settings app will open the “System -> Sound” page.

You can manage sound devices by clicking the “Manage sound devices” link under the Output section. The device options are all available here. The laptop speaker entry needs to be clicked now. In order to narrow down your laptop speaker options, disconnect any other audio output devices you may have.

You can deactivate the speakers on your laptop by clicking “Disable.”

The process of turning off Windows 10 laptop speakers is as easy as 1-2-3. There was only one change made, deactivating the laptop speakers. The other sound devices do not have any problems.

How To Disable Internal Speakers In Windows 10

There is a way to disable Windows 10’s internal speakers if you don’t like the sound quality or how loud they are. There are many computers with built-in speakers including Dell OptiPlex and others which prevent the need to connect external speakers to the desk. The computer returns to internal speakers at the same volume when the external speaker is removed.

#1) – Audio Drivers Update

You should update your computer’s Audio Drivers if you have a significant difficulty switching back to internal speakers on your laptop.

  • Click Device Manager by right-clicking on Start.
  • The Device Manager screen can be expanded to show the sound, video and game controller entries.
  • The next step is to right-click your audio device, then select the Driver Update option from the contextual menu.
  • The computer will automatically search and install the latest device driver if you click the Auto-Seek Driver option on this screen.

#2) – Disable Internal Speakers Using Control Panel

These instructions will show you how to make external speakers the default speakers on your PC.

  • You can manage sound audio devices by opening the Sound and Hardware section of the control panel.
  • You can disable the speaker device by right-clicking on it (often referred to as the Speakers) and selecting Disable.
  • To save this change, click Apply and OK
  • Your computer’s audio-out port should be able to accept external speakers

Your computer should automatically recognize your New External Speakers as your default speakers once they are recognized.

#3) – Disable Internal Speakers Using BIOS

You can deactivate internal speakers from the UEFI Settings screen if you cannot do so through the Control Panel.

  • In Settings, click Update and Security.
  • You can reset your computer by clicking Reset Now after clicking Recovery > Scrolling down to “Advanced Startup.”.
  • Click the Advanced Options button after clicking Fix.
  • The UEFI Firmware Settings window appears in Advanced Options.
  • You will be asked to restart on the next screen. Then click Restart.
  • The UEFI page will appear when you expand System Configuration. Choose Audio and uncheck Enable Internal Audio.
  • You can save your computer by clicking Apply > Exit.

Mute Speakers When Headphones Unplugged In Windows 10

There is a solution provided by Ellp, free software. A primary non-technical way of silencing would be helpful to users looking for one.

Mute And Unmute Sound With Ellp

A popular Web application without scripts, If This Then operates similarly. Simply select the cards that you want and activate them to automate specific operations. You can download and install the software here. A card represents the automated processes as soon as Ellp is configured. You can find the Sound card under the Entertainment category when you unplug your headphones.

You must click on the “Enable the card” button in order to enable the task. It will run in the background and handle all the work for you. A simple dialogue window, no command-line parameters and nothing to understand.

How To Disable Laptop Speakers But Not Headphones Windows 7?

You must make the headphones the default connection in Windows if this is the case. You can also disable the option you don’t want to play.

  • In the Taskbar, right-click the speaker icon to access the Volume Control option.
  • Mark “All devices that play sound.”
  • Verify that you have unchecked “Use default communication device.”
  • You can checkmark the options you wish to play and uncheck those you wish to disable.

How To Switch Between Headphones And Speakers Windows 10?

  • The speaker icon on your Windows taskbar will take you to your speaker.
  • You can select the up arrow in the right corner of your audio output device.
  • Your chosen output will appear in the list.

How To Turn Off Monitor Speakers Windows 10?

In the audio settings of your PC, you can turn off the speakers. You can access the speaker icon from the system tray in Windows 10. The volume slider on the playback device will do the trick. It is possible to reveal the system settings by clicking on the dropdown menu.

How To Turn Off One Speaker On A Laptop Windows 10?

You can only select Playback devices in the notification tray by right-clicking the speaker icon.

  • The speakers can be accessed by double clicking
  • The Levels tab can be found there
  • In the audio output section, select balance
  • There is an option here (L or R) to turn down the terrible speaker

Headphones Plugged In But Sound Coming From Speakers HP Laptop.

You can choose that option from the control panel, sound and hardware, audio management. We have all this translated from my PC because it’s not English, so that the names can be a bit different for you. There may be a problem with your headphone jack if they don’t show up there.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I turn off speakers without headphones?

The best way to turn off speakers without headphones is to turn them off using one of the following methods. You can hold the power button for five seconds. You can also disable “Speakers” by going to Settings>Sound.

How do I turn off laptop speakers but not headphones?

You can turn the laptop speakers off by disabling them in your audio settings. You must disable the headphones in the device manager by finding the headphone device. A right-click will reveal the “disable” option.

How do I turn on my laptop speakers?

Speakers are usually located on the front of laptops. It is possible to locate the audio jack by removing the laptop’s back. Speaker icons sometimes appear on laptop taskbars or desktops. The laptop’s speakers will play audio when you click on it.

Final Verdict

The sound settings on a laptop are one of the most complicated. You feel more complicated if you want to switch between headphones and speakers. Their mixture is common, and they often make a mess. You can learn more about that in the blog post below. This guide above explains how to disable laptop speakers but not headphones in 6 step-by-step instructions.

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