How To Fix A Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It

How To Fix A Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It

It is difficult to handle a laptop if you are not careful since they have become a necessity in today’s society. There is no better example of this than accidents that result in a cracked laptop screen. We will discuss the most common types of laptop damage and how you can fix them without having to replace the entire screen.

We face the problem of a cracked screen on our laptops. The screen on a laptop can be good when closed but cracked when opened. Your next thought is to repair the screen. There is always the question: how can you fix a laptop screen without replacing it?


How To Fix A Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It

In recent years, cracked screens have become more prevalent on laptops due to people dropping them or accidentally throwing them in frustration. It is possible to fix this issue without replacing the whole LCD screen if you have experienced it firsthand.

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Which Materials Are Used In Laptop Screens?

It is possible for the LCD screen of a laptop to take many different forms and be made of a variety of materials. There are several types of display technologies in the market today such as touchscreens, backlit screens and active matrix displays.

A LCD panel uses the reflective properties of light crystals since it does not emit light directly. In most cases, these lamps are backlit by Light Emitting Differentiators (LEDs). The touchscreen technology found on laptop screens is also similar to that found on mobile phones.

A number of laptop companies are now offering 7-inch LED screens that enable you to enjoy better picture quality. In spite of this, it is relatively new and makes its first appearance on the market. In this guide, you will learn how to repair a cracked laptop screen display in the easiest way possible, no matter what kind of laptop display system your laptop has.


A laptop screen may crack for a number of reasons. While some of them may be obvious to a normal user, most people are not aware of them. Various factors can lead to a broken laptop screen, so understanding them is crucial.

  • Laptop screens most commonly break due to excessive pressure applied to them. A laptop may suffer from this when it is dropped accidentally or impacted by something heavy or hard.
  • In addition to pressure, laptops can also deteriorate when they stay in a closed area for an extended amount of time. It is possible to damage the laptop screen while transporting it or inserting or removing it from its case.
  • The parts of a laptop are delicate. In the device, the hinge from which the screen pivots is one of the weakest parts. In a hurry and aggressive manner, you can damage the laptop screen by breaking the hinge mechanism. A crack can be introduced into the screen as a result of one side of the screen bending.
  • The laptop screen may stop working for other reasons besides physical damage such as a malfunctioning motherboard, video cables or exposure to high light levels.

What Happens When An LCD Laptop Screen is Cracked?

The fluid precious stone control vessel splits, resulting in ink splotches spreading out of the substrates. The precious stone arrangement was topped off and glue was applied to the glass but many transistors along the split were beyond repair. It is similar to a neutral medical procedure to stitch together the subpixel transistors on a 1080p display since the display has 2,073,600 pixels and 6,220,800 subpixels.

A fake or phony workstation screen is impossible due to the number of connections required to enable it to function. It is necessary to have a high-tech mechanical office equipped with clean rooms and mechanical filtration frameworks in order to manufacture a modern LCD display. The LCD module can be replaced independently of some touch screens right now but they are gradually becoming increasingly thin and refined.

There are LCD modules with touch screens. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace the LCD. The option of replacing an LCD is still far better than that of replacing your PC. The benefits aren’t just that it is better for the environment and it also keeps all your records and settings and you find a pace device that you’re used to and our clients are constantly posting videos replacing their screens without anyone else’s permission. The fixing your own stuff can be equally fulfilling and energizing as finding another one. It’s best to fix a cracked cracked laptop screen yourself.

What To Do With A Cracked Laptop Screen?

It is possible for your laptop’s screen to be damaged if you opened it suddenly. A closer look may reveal more than meets the eye. You should begin by assessing the damage and ask yourself “What could have caused my laptop screen to break?” There are probably a few reasons for this. It is important to inspect the laptop internally in order to determine if it is damaged.

You can share your screen on another device using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on some newer models. A working display on an external device indicates that the motherboard, cabling and hardware components are working correctly and the display is the only problem. It is possible that other components such as the graphics card, motherboard or sometimes software may be causing the display problems as well.

How To Fix A Laptop Screen Without Replacing It?

It is possible to repair small cracks in laptop screens using the liquid adhesives used to hold optical panels. In addition to baking soda, plastic bags and sandpaper, there are other remedies you can use on the cracked panel. You can replace a laptop screen by yourself by following the steps below. In the event that an existing panel is cracked, the panel must be replaced as cracks cannot be repaired. However, doing the repair yourself has certain benefits, as explained below:

Important Tools To Fix Cracked Laptop Screen

It is important that you prepare the tools you will need before working on the cracked laptop screen.

Proper Working Area

It is a good idea to start by setting up a dedicated workspace. You should work in a flat, straight and clean area. The table should be flat and have several drawers. The muddled lounge table or work area will motivate you to clean it up.

Sharp Objects

Sharp Object

In your home, you will need some sharp objects such as needles, knives or anything you desire. In addition to using safety pins, you can also try fixing a cracked computer screen without replacing it using safety pins.

Small Container

While repairing your laptop, a small container is essential. It is imperative that small parts of your laptop are protected while they are being repaired using a container. There is a preference for the 24 Compartment Plastic Box instead of multiple boxes. This box can be found on Amazon for 2 USD.

Little Head Attractive Screwdriver

Sharp Objects

The screwdriver should be between that size and a decent-sized screwdriver not little like an eyeglass fix unit screwdriver. You can charge the screwdriver’s head with a magnet if you don’t have an attractive head screwdriver. In this way, the screws are more likely to stick to the head, making it easier to remove and replace them without revealing them.

Self Locking Needle or Pin

Needles or Pin

The purpose of this step is to eject the spread stickers obscuring the screws on your workstation’s bezel.

Plastic Putty Blade

Plastic Putty Blade

It is optional to do this to ease the process of prying the screen bezel away from the case. It’s actually usually fine to use tiny nails. You could use another article, but make sure it’s just small enough not to leave scratches or evidence of prying.

Little Bowl

A plastic knife is also required to remove the bezel from the laptop screen in order for it to slide over. This prevents curious cats and kids from stealing the little screws. The following steps must be followed after you collect all the right tools:

  • You must disconnect the laptop from the AC power supply. You should also remove the battery to prevent electrical connections.
  • View your cracked laptop screen’s side bezels. The sides of the box contain small stickers. It is possible to identify screen casings without protrusions by their little protrusions.
  • Insert a needle or a sharp object to remove the covering from those stickers or protrusions. Place it on a safe place after you remove it, ensuring that the top side is on the top. You can mark one side of the paper with a marker.
  • There will now be screws visible for the display unit. One by one, remove them with the small screwdriver. Take off the screws while holding the screen from the opposite side.
  • If you don’t want to lose your screws afterward, place them in a small bowl or container.
  • Pull the screen from the plastic bezel once you have expelled all the screws. Using your finger, move around the entire bezel delicately is the best way to deal with it. You should pull the screen carefully away from the bezel to separate it. In case the screen doesn’t come out, make sure no screws are still attached.
  • You will find a metal casing surrounding the bezel when you remove it. It is necessary to tilt the screen so that the metal casing is clearly visible. The wire that connects the workstation’s screen to the PC will tenderly leap out of the screen’s shell.
  • You will locate the two fundamental links. the inverter’s power link. the wires connecting the PC and screen. Inverter wires are worth what they are.
  • The new screen should be placed inside the casing at the same time that the previous one is removed. A tight fit is required once the screws have been tightened. Connect the wires and tighten the screws.
  • The display should be working properly once the laptop is switched on. The screen should be checked with different colors.

How To Handle A Repaired Laptop Screen After It Has Been Broken[Useful Tips]

Tip1:Get a Screen Protector

The best way to prevent cracks on your laptop screen is to use screen protectors. A screen protector of this type consists of a thin, clear film that attaches to the screen and deflects anything touching it. It is possible to reduce the severity and size of a crack on your laptop if you use the protector even if it does form.

Tip 2: Avoid Drinking Coffee on Your Workstation

It isn’t recommended to drink excessive amounts of coffee while working at the computer because caffeine gives you energy. You shouldn’t drink coffee near your laptop and if you can, avoid setting the cup on top.

In the short term, liquids directly placed on your computer’s screen will not crack the protective coating but it will wear down over time. You should use a coaster or placemat if you are going to drink coffee near a computer.

Tip 3: Get a Laptop Cooling Pad

A cooling pad is not only an excellent accessory for your laptop but also a great way to protect it. The inside of some models even cools down by 20 degrees Fahrenheit by acting as fans to circulate air around the computer. You can avoid laptop damage by using cooling pads which can prevent overheating.

Top Backpack

In addition to using protective cases for your laptop, you can use nylon, cloth, leather or other materials. You can protect your laptop against scratches and dents by using a case. These cases can either be soft bags with extra padding or traditional screen protectors.

Tip 5: Checked Computer Regularly

You may damage your laptop’s screen if you place sharp objects near it. Your broken screen might seem okay now if you recently fixed it yourself. You should place your laptop on a level surface without anything sharp or heavy on top of it.

It is still possible for your laptop to be vulnerable even after applying all the necessary protections. Hence, a professional technician can make sure that your computer screen is in proper working order by checking it regularly.

Benefits For Cracked Laptop Screen Repair

It sets aside cash

It is much more economical to replace a broken screen yourself rather than take your PC to a technician or purchase a replacement model at this time. In addition to laptop screens offered by substitute screen providers, repair shops and approved service centers use similar laptop screens.

Simple & Easy

The process of changing your workstation’s screen is much easier than you might expect. It has been reported that individuals were astonished at how straightforward the process was despite initially feeling hesitant when using this instructional video. A few real screen substitution testimonials from people who have changed their own screens online.

It spares important time

The obvious consequence of having a malfunctioning workstation screen is that you will fall behind on your school/work/college assignments. Your workstation might be out of commission for days or even weeks if you take it to a mechanic.

The conveyance administration guarantees that items ordered by 2 pm will arrive the following day. You should be able to replace the old screen with the new within 15-20 minutes after following the instructions we give. A screen master online also ensures that you get the right replacement screen.

No Fair of Being Lost of WorkStation

There are times like this. Postal or dispatched items can disappear. The risk is always present when you send off your workstation to a fixed expert or if they pick it up from you of the PC disappearing, It doesn’t matter if it is identifiable or not. The organization doesn’t protect your information or personalization under its protections.

It might gain you regard

Your companions or family may be astonished at your newly acquired expertise until they discover for themselves how straightforward the procedure is. You might be able to make some extra money by changing the screens of your co-workers and friends in the workplace.

Ensure Quality & Consolation

Your PC may not convince you that the nearby auto shop is legit. The stealing of classified details such as monetary information has been reported numerous times recently. A new hard drive has been installed in some cases after a minor issue has been resolved and a workstation returned to the client. In this case, we are not talking about speculation from a group of leading repair shops. You can be sure you will receive quality and care when changing your own screen.

Quality Screen Assurance

A computer screen you order online is a brand new part not a reconditioned one and you can see it before you order.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you fix a laptop screen with cracks?

There are several ways to repair a cracked laptop screen. A new one would probably be a better option. You can try fixing the broken laptop screen if you are a DIY type of person.

How much does it cost to fix an internally cracked laptop screen?

The cost of replacing a screen varies from $80 to $150. A newer display such as 4K or OLED, It would cost approximately $250 to $300 if you include labour in this cost. You can save yourself money and time by following this guide about How to fix a laptop screen without replacing it.

Final Verdict

It is possible to fix a cracked computer screen without replacing it. The cost of replacing a screen varies depending on the model. Therefore, if you do not want to burn a hole in your wallet. You should find this information useful. This was a pleasure to read.

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