How to Play PS4 on Chromebook with HDMI

How to Play PS4 on Chromebook with HDMI

You are lucky to find or make your place in this post if you got a brand new PS4 and a Chromebook from any famous brand. It is because I take into account your desires and you may be wondering how you can play PS4 on your Chromebook using HDMI?

The Chromebook is a simple, lightweight and perhaps the newest technology and it has a number of advantages for customers. A beautiful piece of artwork is appreciated by consumers. In spite of this, playing PS4 on Chromebooks remains extremely challenging for gamers.

The Chromebook can do so much more than just perform daily tasks. In fact, it could be your remote gaming station particularly for your PlayStation 4. The purpose of this user guide is to show you How To Play PS4 on Chromebook with or without HDMI.


How to Play PS4 on Chromebook with HDMI

The video capture card on your laptop can be used to receive video input from an external monitor. A second option is to play remotely.

Connect Your PS4 To Laptop Via Remote Play [Step-By-Step]

You can play your favorite PS4 games on your laptop using Remote Play. The Remote Play function allows you to stream PS4 games to your laptop or Mac. This feature requires a remote connection to your PS4.

1. Download The Remote Play App

You must first download the latest version of Remote Play from Sony’s official website. You can skip step 2 if you have only one PS4 at home but if you have multiples, then continue from step 2.

2. Update And Enable Your PS4

The PS4 device that you own must be set as your favorite console if you own more than one. There’s no point in using the main console if your laptop is far from it.

You can set a PS4 as the primary console in the PlayStation network settings by selecting Account Management. You can set your current console as your primary console by selecting the option “Activate as Primary PS4”.

You must update your PS4’s firmware to the latest version if you want it to perform smoothly. In addition, you will be using the most recent Remote Play version, so you won’t run into any issues.

3. Enable The Remote Play Option

You must enable Remote Play on your PS4 before you can play games. The following steps will guide you through enabling Remote Play on your PS4.

  • You can find your PS4 settings by going to your PS4 settings page.
  • There are numerous options available for setting up a Remote Play Connection.
  • You can skip to step two if Remote Play has already been enabled. Otherwise, you will need to enable it before continuing.

You can start the Remote Play process on your laptop after enabling Remote Play on your PS4.

4. Turn On PS4 From Network

You may already have your laptop in Rest Mode. It is always possible to adjust the settings if they aren’t right. Your computer will go into Rest Mode when you modify the Power Saving Settings.

The PS4 won’t remain on unnecessarily when it’s not in use when you use this mode. You also want to connect your PS4 from your laptop when it’s in Rest Mode. It is necessary to enable “Enable Switching on PS4 from Network” before this can be accomplished.

5. Get All The Settings Right

In order to get a truly immersive gaming experience on your laptop, you need to make certain modifications. In the top left corner of the app, you’ll find settings for setting gameplay-enhancing factors such as frame rate and video resolution.

720p is the best gaming resolution. There is a perfect balance between 720p’s high quality and low bandwidth consumption. A 720p resolution will help extend the battery life of your laptop since it probably runs on battery power.

It’s probably best to avoid going over 60 frames per second. A 1080p resolution may not allow you to play at the same frame rate.

6. Connect The Controllers

You can connect Dualshock 4 controllers to your laptop using a USB cable or Dualshock to USB adapter. The light bar should flash when you press both the square and circular buttons on the controller. Your laptop can then be paired with your computer using the other end of the wired cable.

7. Search For Your PS4 In The Network

Login to your PlayStation network and launch the remote play app on your laptop. The app will take you straight to the home screen after finding the first PS4 in the network.

Your laptop now gives you access to the immersive PS4 gaming experience. You’ll see games streaming to your laptop as you play them on your PS4 as you download the Remote Play app.

How To Power Off Your PS4 From Your Laptop?

You can power off your PS4 by holding the PlayStation button on your controller if it’s already in Rest Mode. If you follow the above steps, the PS4 can still be set into Rest Mode.

Connect Your PS4 To Laptop Via Capture Card

You can also use HDMI to play PlayStation 4 games on your laptop if you have a video capture card. You can check the equipment you need at the top if you need to double-check.

The steps below will show you how to hook up your PS4 with your laptop via HDMI once you’ve assembled all the required tools and equipment.

1. Install Necessary Software And Drivers

You should connect the video capture card to your laptop’s USB port. The driver installation process will automatically enable you to use the card smoothly after it has been completed. The extra software recommended for optimal performance should be installed.

2. Connect The Laptop And PS4 With The Video Capture Card

The HDMI cable and video capture card you need to connect your laptop to PS4 are required. The capture card is connected to the PS4 via HDMI-in ports via a HDMI cable.

In case you haven’t already done so, you can connect your video capture card to your laptop’s USB port.

3. Run The Software

You must run the video capture card software on your laptop in order to connect your PS4 to it. The application will scan and detect your PS4 after it has been scanned and detected on your laptop.

The app allows you to select a resolution. You don’t just want to get the highest resolution for gaming. For PS4 games, 1080p capture cards are fine.

How To Play PS4 On Laptop With HDMI Without Capture Card?

A laptop without a capture card is capable of playing PS4 games via remote play. The console also has a recording function. You can also stream PS4 games on a laptop via HDMI with OBS ensuring smooth gameplay and good graphics.


This is a list of the different ways you can connect your PS4 to a laptop using HDMI. There are several DIY methods you can use to deal with these issues, so you don’t necessarily need a professional unless things are getting out of hand. In general, video capture cards are the most popular option due to their simplicity of setup.

It is possible to stream PS4 content from the PS4 to your laptop using Remote Play if you don’t want to purchase a capture card and HDMI cable. A stable internet connection should make playing your game easy.

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