How To Turn on a Laptop without the Power Button

How To Turn on a Laptop Without The Power Button

You may find that many of your notebook’s parts start to fail over time if you’ve used them for a long time. This includes smaller components such as ports, keyboard keys and even the laptop’s power button and the primary components installed inside. In this guide, we provide a complete information on How To Turn on A Laptop Without The Power Button.

Even turning on your laptop can be difficult when you have a broken power button as you might expect. By the time you reach the end of this guide, you will completely understand how to turn on your laptop without hitting the power button.


How To Turn on a Laptop Without The Power Button 2022

If you are unable to find the power button or are waiting for it to be available, you can still use your laptop. There is no need to press the power button on a Windows computer. For the same purpose, you can also use one of the following methods:

Using A Keyboard

If your laptop does not have a power button, you can turn it on by pressing the keyboard. Your laptop’s BIOS can be configured to enable this setting, as shown here:

  • You can enter your BIOS by holding F2, F10, or the DEL key while turning on your laptop.
  • You can find Power on by Keyboard under Power Management.
  • Press F10 to enable and exit this feature.
  • You can now turn on your laptop even if it is off by pressing any key on the keyboard.

Using The Motherboard

The hardware-based method can be used if you’re unable to turn on your laptop to make changes. The following is an example of how turning your laptop on by using the motherboard is viable in some cases even if it is not practical for everyday use:

  • After opening the bottom cover, use the appropriate tools to remove your laptop’s motherboard.
  • Be sure all other connections are tight after removing the motherboard from the chassis.
  • Then, you can use a screwdriver or wire to remove the connections for the power button and short pins 1 and 3 so that the computer will turn on immediately.
  • After installing the motherboard, you can change any settings in the BIOS.

With The Clock Battery Method

You can also use the battery clock to turn on your laptop without using the main power button. Although it can restore your laptop’s BIOS settings, it is much faster than doing it through the motherboard:

  • The first step is to remove the bottom cover of your laptop using a screwdriver and prying tools.
  • Your laptop should be connected to the charging cable, and then the battery cable should be disconnected from the motherboard.
  • You should then remove your laptop’s clock battery or CMOS battery.
  • The battery will automatically start your laptop once it is connected, then you can access the BIOS if necessary.

With A Wall Socket

In the same way as the clock battery method, you can also use the wall socket charger to force start a laptop. You will need to open up your laptop to use this method:

  • In the first step, remove the bottom cover from your laptop and access the motherboard using the right tools.
  • Then, connect your laptop charger to your laptop and remove the battery cable from your motherboard.
  • You can access your laptop right away when it gets power from the wall.

Using The Laptop

You can turn your laptop on even if it’s turned off entirely if you use the lid and put it to sleep. You should adjust the BIOS settings as described here:

  • After starting your laptop through the power button or the hardware methods listed above, hold down the F2, F10, or DEL keys.
  • You can now access the same by clicking on the Power Management or Power Settings tab.
  • In this section, you will need to enable the Power on with the Open Lid option and press F10 to save the settings.
  • Your laptop no longer needs to be powered on once the lid is opened.

Using Wake On LAN

It is also possible to turn on the laptop using the LAN connection rather than the power button, just like the keyboard and the lid. It should also be enabled in the BIOS, just like other similar features:

  • In this guide, we discussed how to access the BIOS.
  • Activate the Wake on LAN setting in the Power Management section. You can save this setting with the F10 key on your keyboard.
  • Afterward, press Windows Key + X to launch Device Manager.
  • In the Power Management tab of this network adapter, click Allow this device to wake the computer. Then find your network adapter and click its Properties.
  • It is also vital to enable Wake on magic packets.
  • You can also turn on your laptop using the LAN connection of another device on your network by using your supported router or networking app.

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How To Start HP Laptop Without Power Button

To start your HP laptop without a power button:

  • You should turn off, unplug and have some battery power left on your laptop before proceeding. You should also remove the battery before beginning this process.
  • It is possible to access the motherboard by removing the keyboard, hand rest and the back of the laptop with the appropriate tools.
  • Check all connections on the motherboard by disassembling it with the right tools.
  • This should be done when the battery in the laptop is still fully charged and not when the laptop is plugged in. A wire or another conductor can be used to short-circuit the first and third pins on the motherboard.
  • If it doesn’t work, you can also short the other pins.
  • It happens when you turn on the laptop.

This method will not work in some cases, or you do not have access to the BIOS. It’s also good to know how to do this before starting. You can also learn further about it Here.

Smaller Button

You are more likely to see a plastic cover on the power button than the actual button. It’s easy to remove the plastic button if yours does not work. The plastic button can be removed using the appropriate tools and the smaller button underneath can be pressed. This avoids having to mess with the motherboard.

Clock Battery

The above method is quicker than the motherboard method.

  • The battery should be removed from the laptop by removing the back with the right tools
  • The clock battery/CMOS battery and battery cable need to be disconnected from the motherboard for the laptop to power up again.

How To Turn ON Lenovo Laptop Without Power Button

To activate a Lenovo laptop without a power button, you can push the Novo button located on the side of the machine with a pin or open paper clip. The steps are as follows:

  • From the left corner of the laptop to its rear, measure 6.9 cm
  • This feature diagram has a 1mm hole (labeled ‘Novo button’)
  • It can be pushed with a paper clip or pin. If successful, the laptop should turn on.

Some models do not have the Novo button. They typically come from Ideas. However, the other fixes listed above should work for most Windows laptops, so you should try them out.


A docking station can also power your Lenovo laptop. The docking station has a power switch, so it is not dependent on the laptops. Connecting the laptop to a docking station will activate it.

How To Turn ON Dell Laptop Without Power Button

You can start a Dell laptop by pressing Ctrl and Esc.

  • A wall outlet should be plugged into an adapter.
  • Using the Ctrl and Esc keys together, plug in the laptop simultaneously and release the keys once it turns on
  • And the BIOS will begin loading. Note which options appear on the screen based on your model.
  • Choose only the BIOS shutdown option and restart the laptop. This will prevent the laptop from resetting and developing more problems.
  • Hopefully, it will boot normally now.

Other fixes can be tried. They should all work on most Windows laptops.

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How To Turn ON Acer Laptop Without Power Button

Using the following steps, you can manually connect the microchips between the battery and power source to start an Acer laptop without the power button:

  • You should run this procedure with your laptop unplugged and some remaining battery power. You should also remove the battery.
  • To access the motherboard, remove the keyboard, hand rest and the back of the laptop using the appropriate tools.
  • Then locate the microchips near the power supply and battery.
  • You can use any conductor such as a screwdriver, to press them together.

You can also try the other fixes listed earlier.

How To Turn On An Asus Laptop Without The Power Button

The key that turns on a laptop might be challenging to find but it may need to be pressed to turn it on. To find this key, follow the steps below:

  • To use the “Fn” key, press and hold the spacebar key on most keyboards. The “Fn” key should flash when you do so. Your computer is ready to start when you say, “Switch on.”
  • Once again, hold down the “Fn” key, and you should see another more minor light flash. Your computer is now ready for use.

You need some knowledge about the laptop’s motherboard to use this method. A technician can help you or you can try one of the previously mentioned options.

How To Turn ON MacBook Pro Without Power Button

You can turn on a MacBook Pro without a power button by pressing Ctrl + Other + Delete simultaneously. The new MacBook Pro models of 2016 do not have power buttons.  Their lids lift to turn them on and they have touch IDs. With the newer MacBook Pro models, you can start it by simply opening the lid. You can also turn your MacBook Pro on without holding down the power key:


Alternatively, you can replace your MacBook Pro’s battery to turn it on. You would need to do the following:

  • Take off the lower case by removing the screws on the back.
  • With a plastic tool or with your fingers, you can remove the battery
  • After which the battery can be connected using the screws on the back, remove the lower case

Power on Schedule

You can schedule a time for your MacBook to turn on so you won’t forget. You can do this by:

  • You can find Energy Server in the Apple menu >> System Preferences.
  • Under System
  • The Apple menu >> System Preferences allows you to set the Energy Server to run on a daily or specific schedule.
  • You can also choose whether sleep, restart or shutdown should be scheduled beneath it.
  • If all is correct, click OK.
  • It would be best to have the laptop powered up to use the schedule feature.

Using The Internet

Wake on LAN lets you turn on your MacBook remotely. You can do this by:

  • Set up a network connection on your Mac
  • Under Settings > System Preferences > Energy Server
  • You should select Wake for internet access/Wake for network access and then you can return to System Preferences
  • Note your IP address under Network >> Wireless
  • Connect your phone to the same network as the Mac by installing Fing and connecting to the same network
  • Then open the app and tap the refresh button to see the changes.
  • Name the Mac and locate its IP address.
  • After that, click on Wake On Lan to start the Mac.
  • Turn off your Mac and wait a few seconds to test this feature.
  • Locate your Mac’s IP address in the app on your phone by clicking on
  • You can use Fing and Mocha WOL, iNet WOL, and NetStatus.

How To Turn ON Toshiba Laptop Without Power Button

Short-circuit the pins beneath the power button connections using the following steps to turn your Toshiba laptop on without the power button:

  • The laptop should be properly shut down, plugged out and with a bit of power left. Remove any battery during this process.
  • To access the motherboard, remove the back of the laptop, the keyboard and the hand rest using the appropriate tools.
  • And carefully remove the motherboard.
  • Removing the power sockets should be the last step. A few pins should be exposed.
  • You can now short-circuit the first and third pins with a screwdriver or connect them with a wire.
  • In case that doesn’t work, It will immediately power on your laptop.

How To Turn ON Samsung Laptop Without Power Button

You can turn on a Samsung laptop by using the clock battery by following these simple steps:

  • It is necessary to remove the laptop’s battery by removing the back with the appropriate tools
  • The clock battery/CMOS battery and battery cable need to be disconnected from the motherboard for the laptop to power up again.

If you cannot turn on your Samsung laptop using this method, you can try some of the other options listed above.

How Does A Laptop Power Button Work?

It is possible to power a laptop using its battery or connecting to a power supply. A laptop produces electricity either way. You can limit how much electricity is generated by pressing the power button. The outlet opens instantly as soon as the power button is pressed, allowing electricity to flow throughout the laptop. 

Can I Install A New Power Button?

If your laptop’s power button develops a fault, you can replace it with a new one. Here’s how you install the new power button:

  • Pull out the back panel, battery and AC adapter & then unplug it from the computer
  • It is necessary to remove the keypads to gain access to the power switch
  • You need to remove the keypads

What Does It Mean When My Laptop Fails To Come On?

A hardware failure must cause your laptop’s inability to start. A power supply problem or a problem with another hardware component may be responsible for this hardware fault. It is advisable to check the power sources first (battery and charger).

Reasons Why Laptop Power Button Is Not Working

Broken Power Button

You will encounter the most common issue with your laptop’s power button like an HP, Lenovo, Acer or Dell.

Loose Cable

You have disconnected your power button from your motherboard if this happens. The power button is no longer connected to the motherboard when this occurs. The chance of such a situation still exists, regardless of how rare it is. To check for loose cables, you may disassemble your laptop to get to your power button.

Button Not Sitting Right

A second reason your laptop power button may not work is that your power button may be sitting incorrectly. In reality, the laptop’s power button is a click button that lies below another button. You must click the top button to access the main power button.

It will be impossible for you to click on the G key if you remove the letter G from your keyboard because the G key will no longer be there to interact with the clickable G key embedded on your keyboard. You should check the power key above and the clickable power button below for any damage or incorrect settings.

Battery Low

Could the reason your laptop doesn’t power on be that you have a dead battery in your HP, Lenovo, Acer, or Dell laptop? The power button is often overlooked and people assume the battery is at fault when it is the power button. Your computer may not have been properly shut down or you may have left it running if you used your laptop for a day before discovering it had a malfunctioning power button.

Likely, this type of situation has completely depleted your battery and so all you need to do is charge your laptop for a few minutes before turning it on again. It would help if you turned your laptop on after plugging it in for more than 30 minutes.

Temporary Error

Almost every person is not aware of this pervasive problem. It is usually effortless to find a temporary solution. The laptop may not have responded because you encountered an error while using it which you didn’t resolve before shutting it down. Your laptop might not turn on when you first turn it on if you put it in hibernation or sleep mode for too long.

Faulty RAM

You need to have enough RAM in your laptop to start your computer successfully. Your laptop’s power button may not work if your RAM is faulty or not correctly installed. You have to understand that we are not saying that your RAM is wrong. We are simply telling you that faulty RAM may cause your problems. A RAM problem may have developed because you dropped your laptop or something unforeseen happened.

Laptop Power Button Not Working And How to Install a New Power Button?

The first step in starting a laptop without a power button is installing a new power button beforehand. There is a reason behind this and it is much faster and easier to use a physical power button than any methods below. These instructions can be used for many laptops and are primarily the same:

  • You need to order a power button compatible with your laptop first.
  • With a screwdriver and prying tools, remove the bottom cover from your laptop.
  • You can reach the power button on the motherboard’s backside by removing the entire keyboard and motherboard together.
  • Remove the old power button and replace it with a new one. Be sure that your computer’s battery is connected to the motherboard and all other battery connections before shutting it down.
  • The power button you just installed will allow you to turn on your laptop quickly.

Final Verdicts

You may need to consider other solutions if multiple attempts to turn on or off your laptop with the power button fail. These two solutions may help. The problem may go beyond the power button if none of the above solutions work. You may have other hardware issues with your computers such as an inability to store power or a problem with the CPU. In this case, an expert will have to diagnose the issue.

Using one of the methods listed here, you can easily access your laptop instead of pressing the power button. Please make sure that you share your thoughts in the comments section after reading all the information about turning on a laptop without the power button.

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