How To Turn On HP Laptop Without Power Button

How To Turn On HP Laptop Without Power Button

You can turn your laptop on using the keyboard without needing a power button. The setting can be accessed through your laptop’s BIOS by pressing F2 or F10 or pressing DEL. If it is damaged, you might have to figure out how to turn your laptop on without the power button. We will teach you How To Turn On HP Laptop Without Power Button.

If there is permanent or temporary damage to your computer, these tips will help you reboot it. If this was the case, all backup solutions should be enabled. A laptop will not turn on if one needs to accomplish some urgent work or if the power button fails to work. This is problematic.


How To Turn On HP Laptop Without Power Button 2022

It is possible to turn on HP laptops without a power button. You can still start your computer even if you don’t have a functioning power button by following the instructions in the following article. You can accomplish this task through various techniques but you have to be subtle and cautious since they can cause harm if not done correctly.

This article aims to show you how to turn on your HP laptop without a power button. You can still use your laptop without a power button even if you can’t find a power button or wait for one to become available. The operating system must be installed on the laptop before the power button can be pressed. The methods are as follows here:

By The Motherboard

You can perform this action using the motherboard of your laptop. It would help to disconnect the charger from the socket before starting this process. The following steps will teach you how to turn your laptop on without the power button;

  • You should remove the laptop’s case or chassis.
  • You’ll need to locate the ribbon cable port.
  • You’ll find three to six pins on this port. The conductor you choose should be good. In addition, using a screwdriver protects you from harm.
  • Connect two pins using the conductor. The laptop should now start.
  • It is not turning on even after connecting two pins. You may want to connect all pins. You won’t damage or spark anything. It is safe to connect them all.
  • You can use these methods to diagnose your motherboard if it is malfunctioning.

An HP laptop can be powered up without a power button using the power button panel from the motherboard. This does not solve the problem. The idea is not to turn on your laptop this way every time. This could permanently damage it. Using several safer methods, you can turn your laptop on without a power button.

Using Turn On With LID

The BIOS of many laptops includes this feature. It works the same way as the sleep feature on most laptops and electronic devices. Your laptop’s screen automatically turns on whenever you open the lid while it is asleep.

It is possible to restart a shut-down laptop by following the same steps. In the BIOS settings, enable the option to turn the computer on while the lid is open. If the power button gives you problems, you need to enable this option. You can enable Turn on with an open lid by following these steps;

  • Press DEL or F2 to start your laptop. A BIOS setup screen will appear.
  • Look for the Power Management option.
  • Select “Turn on with Open Lid” within the power management menu.
  • This will fix the problem with the non-working power button.

The power button on a laptop can be turned off with this method. This method is not compatible with all laptops.

External Laptop

The power button does not need to be pressed to turn on your laptop. You will need an external keyboard for this. You can find it on most laptops but you need to enable it by changing some settings. The reason is that the laptops do not come with this option enabled by default, so you have to enable it manually.

This is one way to turn a laptop on quickly. Additionally, there are other methods to turn the laptop on without the power button and you have to follow to activate these settings. You must modify your BIOS settings. Press F2 to do so.

Open various settings by clicking on “update and security” at the top of the next window. Among the advanced options is “power management.” It might be called “wake on keyboard” on some laptops. Double-clicking on it will reveal the “power on by keyboard” option. It will let you select any key as your power key. It is also good to turn off the laptop and press the power key again if it is not working.

Wake-On LAN

An alternative method of turning on a laptop is to wake the laptop via LAN. This method requires the F2 key to access BIOS settings. As with the previous method, all initial steps are the same. However, to change the power management setting, you must make the changes. You click on the ‘network on’ option in the same manner as you clicked on ‘keyboard on’ in the previous step.

The steps are generally the same including choosing a specific key and testing it by turning the laptop on and off again. The first step to determining whether these methods work is configuring your network card. It is not difficult to configure the network card. Using the computer’s device manager is all you need to do. You will see the network adapters option there.

It is in the Properties category. From there, you will find the power management option. You will now be able to use the LAN method. You will see another option: ‘allow this device to wake the computer.’ Your laptop can be turned off and checked. Thus, this method makes it as simple as possible for you to switch on the laptop.

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In addition to using a wall outlet for power, you can also use a power plug to turn on the laptop. There are no complex steps or complexities involved in this procedure. The only thing that must be done is to unplug the cable from the power button. You then need to remove the battery from the laptop. You can then power it on once the battery is removed from the plug. You can then reinstall the batteries and switch off the power supply.

How Can I Install A New Power Button on My HP Laptop

Check out this tutorial on installing a new laptop power button

  • Turn off the laptop and remove the battery and cable.
  • You’ll need to remove the laptop’s hard drive, RAM and keyboard frame.
  • You will find the power button by removing the top frame.
  • You can see the old power button’s connection with the laptop. It is now connected to the new one.
  • Your model must be compatible with the power button you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why my HP laptop is not turning on?

You may not be able to turn on your laptop after plugging it in. The power supply, the battery or the motherboard may be inadequate. Inspect the connections and ensure they are correct. Test the battery and power connector. If it still does not turn on, it could be a defective component.

How can I start my HP Laptop/computer?

The computer should be turned on by holding down the power button for about five seconds. Your computer will shut down. It is not a good idea to touch power or lights while hitting the power button. If your lights are on, reinsert the power cable. It will start after 30 seconds.

How do I wake up my laptop without the power button?

It is possible to do it in several ways. It is possible to enable the LAN settings, choose a key to turn it on, or use an external keyboard to turn it on. You decide how to do this. The methods are all effortless to handle and no expert help is needed. The assistance of an expert is only necessary if you want to change the power button key as only a technician can do so.

How do I wake my HP laptop from the black screen?

The process is straightforward and quick. By clicking on the windows key, controlling and shifting B, i.e., the windows key + control + shift + B. It takes only a few seconds to get your HP laptop back to life.

Final Verdicts

It can be frustrating if the power button does not work when there is a task you need to finish or data you need to access. There are several ways to back up the information or have an expert install a new power switch. However, if you don’t have time to see an expert or prepare a backup in the future, the steps above can be followed.

To prevent any harmful accidents or short circuits, following the instructions carefully and correctly is crucial. Therefore, these are some methods that can help you HP operate your laptop without the power button key. It isn’t difficult but it requires some effort. You can follow the steps correctly to resolve these problems at home if you are still struggling to comprehend them.

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