How To Unlock Keyboard on Acer Laptop

How To Unlock Keyboard on Acer Laptop

Acer laptops have an Fn + F7 combination that can unlock the keyboard if you do not know-how. If Fn + F6 does not work, press the Fn + F6 keys. You can unlock the keyboard by pressing one of these keys. You can also lock them.

Your Acer Aspire E15 keyboard might not be working or perhaps another Acer laptop model has a locked keyboard? There’s nothing to worry about! We are happy to help you change your software settings or clean your keys if your keyboard needs it. The Acer Aspire laptop owners frequently encounter these irritating problems and ask for help on different online forums.


How To Unlock Keyboard on Acer Laptop 2022

There is more than one way to unlock the keyboard on Acer’s laptop, so do not worry if you do not know-how. There is no need to have any special keys. There are a few methods that you can use to troubleshoot and unlock the keyboard on your Acer laptop.

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In most laptops, the keyboard is one of the weakest parts. The reasons for this are numerous. You won’t be able to use the keyboard without unlocking the laptop. The laptop’s built-in keyboard may not be as comfortable without the on-screen keyboard or an external keyboard.

There is no problem with this. There is an easy solution. These are five ways you can fix the keyboard on an Acer Aspire laptop in Windows 10 if it doesn’t work.

Reasons Why Acer Laptop Keyboard Locked

Logically, any of you should ask this very first question. You will never prevent an event from happening if you don’t know why it occurs and you’ll always have to fix it every time. You can usually trace the reason for the locked Acer Laptop keyboard back to any one of these issues:

Accidental button press

Acer keyboards may be locked when you hit a combination of keys or someone not familiar with laptops – that triggered a command to do so.

The keyboard is not connected well

A laptop’s keyboard connects to the motherboard. You would not be able to blame a specific character on your Motherboard if the connection is faulty since the keyboard is not transmitting any signal to it.

Num Lock activated

Acer Laptop keyboards usually contain a Num Lock button (also known as Numeric Lock). The Num Lock button locks your keyboard’s numeric pad. If you find it difficult to unlock your Acer laptop’s keyboard, your Numeric pad may have been accidentally locked.

Dead external keyboard battery

The devices are battery hogs due to their Bluetooth capabilities. Your laptop’s external keyboard might stop working if it’s running on a dead battery.

Outdated Acer laptop keyboard driver

Your Acer Laptop requires drivers to connect to an external device. If your keyboard driver is outdated, your laptop will not be able to communicate with the keyboard.

Spoilt keyboard

The worst is likely to happen if has been said and done, the keyboard still does not work. It is time to replace your keyboard because the worst has happened…you have no other choice.

5 Ways To Unlock your Acer Laptop Keyboard

There are five ways to unlock the keyboard of an Acer laptop if it has been locked and you are unsure how. You will likely use at least one of them.

Method 1: Unlock Acer Using On-Screen Keyboard

This means your Acer keyboard is out of your hands. Therefore, you’ll need to turn on the keyboard on the screen. Please read through this article to ensure you do not miss any settings configuration.

  • Right-click an empty spot in the taskbar to bring up the touch keyboard button”.
  • The Keyboard icon has now been added to the right side of the taskbar. You can activate it by double-clicking.
  • You will see a default keyboard on the laptop screen. This keyboard has no additional keys.
  • If you want the keyboard with the Fn key, select the keyboard from the keyboard menu.
  • Press either F7 or F8 with the Fn key to unlock your keyboard.
  • Congratulations!

Method 2: Disable Filter Keys on Acer Laptop

The Filter Keys feature allows you to filter out brief or continuous keystrokes. Your laptop keyboard might stop working due to this. Turn off Filter Keys to fix the issue.

  • It is located at the bottom left of your screen (the Windows logo). In Windows 10, click Settings; in Windows 7, choose Control Panel.
  • You can then select Ease of Access.
  • You can also select Easy keyboard (in Windows 10) or Easy keyboard (in Windows 7).
  • The Filter Keys option should be turned off. You do this by unchecking or turning off Filter Keys.
  • If you type in your keyword, you can check this.

Method 3: Reinstall keyboard drivers on Acer Laptop

The keyboard on your Acer Aspire laptop might stop working due to the keyboard drivers. You can check this in the BIOS.

Using an Acer Aspire laptop, you need to turn off and restart the computer before you can access the BIOS menu. Pressing F2 on the keyboard to access the bios will allow you to start or restart your Acer Aspire computer.

The arrow keys should allow you to access the BIOS menu. Software is likely at fault in that case rather than hardware. You should install a new keyboard driver.

  • It would help if you turned on your laptop.
  • Right-clicking the Windows button will display the Device Manager menu.
  • A keyboard will appear beneath the keyboard. PS/2 keyboards are most common. Right-click the keyboard to select Uninstall device. Remove all the keys on your laptop if you’re unsure which is its keyboard.
  • Once the keyboard driver has been removed, restart your computer.
  • If it has not automatically been installed after your computer restarts, try it again. In Device Management, right-click on Keyboards and select are changes to install it. After installing the driver, the keyboard should now work correctly.

Method 4: Reboot your Acer Laptop Completely

The keyboard issue on your Acer laptop can be solved by shutting it down completely. You can do so by following these steps:

  • If you hold down the power button for two seconds, you will be asked to shut down your laptop.
  • The laptop’s power cable and the battery should be disconnected.
  • It would help if you waited a few moments before powering on your computer again.
  • It would help if you reconnected the battery and the power cord.
  • After completing this step, restart the computer. The keyboard issue should now be resolved.

The next method listed below may help if that doesn’t work.

Method 5: Investigate and Fix the Hardware Problems

Acer laptop keyboards can also be broken. In some cases, you can resolve a problem yourself. In others, you may need professional assistance.

Your laptop keyboard may be under too much pressure. The screws inside your laptop may need to be tightened after removing the cover with a screwdriver.

This might be a good idea. In addition to that, you may want to leave hardware repairs to an expert. If your laptop is still under warranty, it can be repaired or replaced by Acer customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unlock the keyboard on a laptop?

In the Control Panel, you can also disable the Filter Keys. The num lock may have been accidentally enabled, or your keyboard may have been set incorrectly.

How to unlock the keyboard on Acer Chromebook?

You can fix the problem by following these steps: If the keys on your Chromebook work, terminate the account causing the problem and add it again. Then perform a hard reset.

Acer laptop keyboard typing wrong characters

You may have typed incorrectly in the wrong language on your Acer laptop. You can switch between keypads and languages by pressing Windows + Space. You can change the language in the Settings window by clicking the Start button.

Final Verdicts

This article’s information should help you fix your Acer laptop keyboard. You may contact us if you have questions regarding this procedure. This article provides you with the troubleshooting tips to unlock your keyboard. If your issue persists, you can contact your computer’s manufacturer or consult their forums for assistance. The Ctrl + PrtScn keyboard shortcut may unlock the keyboard for HP Pavilion laptops.

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