Is a CLX Gaming PC worth It

Is a CLX Gaming PC worth it

The CLX gaming PC delivered all around was well put together. Most will be satisfied with customization options available except for limited airflow-oriented cases. In addition to stocking all of the in-demand parts, the company ensures that the products it sells are of high quality.

There is one more hurdle to clear and that is it pricing. It costs $3,418 to build a CLX. The MSRPs of the parts in our build are listed below to give you an idea of how much they cost. We spent $2,350 on the project. The two price points aren’t exactly like for like because of some limitations but they show the overall markup for this system.

Those familiar with prebuilt shouldn’t be surprised by the markup but this is higher than most. The lowest-cost competitor system costs around $2,700 while the highest-cost system costs $3,500. The 10700K can be matched with a Z590 motherboard but one competitor only offered the CPU with the 10700K.


Is a CLX Gaming PC worth it?

This pricing makes CLX appear like a premium brand for this build. The extra bucks you spend will get you premium shipping and service, a high-quality build and customized system optimization. While older components offer similarly high performance at much lower prices, you can make the brand more affordable by shopping the sales. Our custom build cost about $2,300 but had similar quality and performance. A budget-friendly entry-level gaming PC can also be found in the pre-configured lineup we mentioned earlier.

You should consider CLX Gaming if you would like a custom gaming PC built. There are some advantages to DIY but there are also some disadvantages. GPU prices are likely to remain high for some time. The experience CLX provides with its PCs will have to be weighed against the price contrasted with the competition if you decide to go with CLX.

It appears that CLX only uses a wooden crate to package its PCs. A crate was once an upgrade option for PC builders but it has now become a standard part of the process. As a result, CLX is trying to sell the premium experience at increased costs. Thermostats that companies track over the years can’t be seen by us, so we cannot judge whether this is a necessary measure. A crate keeps your PC from getting damaged during shipping.

In order to keep the PC perfectly still during transit and expanding foam pads were included in the box. The cover was also made of cloth and plastic. The new PC you ordered would likely be fine even if the delivery service left it outside in the rain. A foam pad of this type is also used inside the PC by CLX to prevent the graphics card from being damaged while being delivered. The inside pad must be removed before powering up, as should be obvious.

A slip of paper in the CLX package contains basic instructions as well as a support number in case of problems. A few accessories and parts are also accompanied by owners manuals. A remote control was included with the CLX fans. The case also contained screws and other accessories you’ll need in the future if you work on the system.

Parts and build quality

It is the build quality, the hardware configuration and the part selection that determine the success or failure of a gaming PC. It is inevitable that mistakes will be made when building a system. The CLX gaming PC we built doesn’t have many issues. Performance is exceptional, parts remain cool and it is very quiet.

All the components are setup properly and cable management is generally good. The only gripes we have are minor ones. The purpose of this review is to address all the common issues associated with buying a gaming PC from a system builder.

A case for caution

The CLX case is a product that’s a lot to like. Its style might not be to everyone’s taste but it offers better airflow than most system builder cases. Also, CLX can paint it to your specifications. In addition to aluminum, the outside of the case has tempered glass. It has tinted black glass flanking both sides. It is possible to lift the doors off by removing the hinges on both sides.

A small cover covers the full front intake on the front panel. There is a 45-degree inlet that directs air directly into the front radiator which reminds me of the Corsair 5000X. We tested thermals with the cover off and didn’t see much of a difference. The case has slits on the top and corner sections as well as air intake holes.

The narrow roof vents are the only real problem with the case. The ventilation is good but the size is too narrow. The top of the case got plenty hot although the components remained cool. You can imagine how much heat the 3070 and 11700K would produce. In the case’s solid roof, the top fans were blowing a lot of heat.

We cannot guarantee the Ra case will keep your components cool as it is a full tower model. Your order will affect your thermals. You should definitely use this case if you are ordering power-hungry components. It is possible to get by with less cooling capacity if you choose a lower-end system. You have been warned that prebuilt cases lack cooling capabilities compared to this model. The CLX lineup will hopefully eventually include some more high-airflow case options.

Feel free to go for the CLX branded parts

This review was conducted with some apprehension regarding the CLX fans and “Quench” CPU liquid cooler. The results are all excellent. The CLX brand is slapped on top of parts manufactured by quality manufacturers. We have seen some of the best RGB fans from Gamdias and they’re whisper quiet. The CPU liquid cooler is powered by a 6th generation Asetek pump. The pump is quiet and provided killer cooling for the 11700K.

Cables be gone!

CLX does a great job in showing off the components in the main case compartment. It is easy to keep things neat by tucking away motherboard cables and putting cable combs on power cables. You can get very clean results if you use the right cables. It was the black cables that attracted me to the EVGA PSU.

The braided cables can also be ordered in a variety of colors. Your cable’s colors should be taken into consideration. You will be able to see things like white cables or SSDs through the service panel of your case because it has tempered glass. Through the glass, you couldn’t see the Samsung 860 mounted behind the PC.

In terms of cable management, the cable compartment is definitely the most challenging. It’s really only a matter of preference since you can’t see this unless you service your computer. You can see the other side in the attached picture. Things are busy, but that’s to be expected.

All System Go

We will handle everything so you can start using your PC as soon as you receive it. After examining the BIOS briefly, all the components performed according to specifications. You can start fresh from scratch as soon as you sign in to the default profile. It does not contain bloatware and does not require performance configuration. CPU, memory and GPU performance are optimized in the default profiles. In addition, PWM fans can be configured to rise when under load and to remain quiet when not active.

In our system, only Resizable-BAR was enabled. In light of the fact that that’s a good selling point for our application, it’s worth mentioning. Nvidia and Intel have both rolled out support for CLX this spring, so we can’t fault them for this. Despite not being enabled on our system, CLX plans to offer it in the future. It is important to confirm this feature is enabled if you purchased CLX’s RTX 30 Series earlier this year. It may need to be updated, so check with support for instructions.

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