Is it Good To Charge Laptop While Gaming

Is it Good To Charge Laptop While Gaming

The answer is YES if you are charging a laptop while playing games. It would help if you only played games while your charger was plugged in. The long-term damage caused by GPU-intensive games played on battery power is costly.


Is it Good To Charge Laptop While Gaming

The laptop battery serves as the laptop’s heart, so it is a common misconception that gaming damage the battery. There are many computer myths and health scares surrounding laptop batteries.

Why you should NOT play games on battery power

The battery and the inside components of your laptop may be severely damaged if you play most games on battery power. The laptop cannot provide all the resources needed to play graphics-intensive games while running on battery power. Your laptop might overheat & your FPS will be low as a result.

A GPU that performs at a lower capacity results in a lower game FPS. The laptop maker and the operating system can cap a component’s resources while on battery power. The Windows power options allow you to force the system to run at its maximum potential but this will result in an extremely rapid and massive degradation in battery power. You would lose a great deal of battery power from 100% to 0% in a short amount of time.

Does Gaming Reduce Laptop Battery Life

The fans that keep a laptop’s internals cool are limited in their RPM (rotations per minute). The operating system and the laptop manufacturers limited the fan speed on battery power.

You can set your laptop’s fan speed to its maximum capacity if it has software that allows you to control it. It would be worse for your laptop and your battery if you did so. In this case, you will also see a rapid degradation of battery power.

In addition, the internal components suffer a lot of stress because they run on battery power gradually reducing their performance. In the long run, you may harm your CPU, GPU and battery if you frequently run high-demanding games.

Will your laptop battery overcharge when plugged in for a long time after 100% charge?

You cannot overcharge your laptop battery once it reaches 100% after being plugged in. A battery auto-cut mechanism is now common in laptops and almost everything with a battery. The mechanism is already built into most lithium-ion batteries used in laptops.

When is it safe to play games on battery power?

Your laptop’s battery should not be used for gaming while it is on battery power as we discussed previously. It is possible to play some games on battery power in certain circumstances.

There may be a power outage in a competitive multiplayer online game such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Fortnite etc. A game that affects your rank should be finished if it’s closed. You should close your game immediately after finishing your game to avoid straining your laptop’s battery and other components. Besides helping to cool off the system, it will also help your components survive the effects of heat.

In addition, you may be able to play games on battery power if the game isn’t a AAA title which means it doesn’t utilize your full GPU, CPU and RAM capacity. You can play such games on your laptop because they do not stress the components. You can find such games in various forms such as online flash or HTML5 games, Among Us, Fall Guys, Age of Empires etc.

How Gaming Affects Battery Life

Gaming while the battery is not charging

In a laptop, the battery limits how much power it can supply. In games that require more processing power, the battery may drain much more quickly thus reducing its lifespan. The laptop will take power directly from the AC outlet while plugged in allowing the battery to last as long as necessary while the game runs smoothly.


A high degree of computer processing power is required for the graphics and simulations in modern games. A laptop can overheat due to the high processor power used during such games. The laptop battery can be damaged and its lifespan shortened if it overheats.

Graphics card

The power required to run certain games depends on the graphics card type. A depleted laptop battery can quickly drain and the more depleted your battery is, the lower the life expectancy and higher the charge cycle count will be.

When gaming on your laptop, ensure the power supply for the graphics card and processor is always adequate. This will ensure your battery won’t be drained.

Tips for Maximizing Battery Life

Your device’s battery life can be extended and preserved in a few ways even though it naturally diminishes with time. You can maximize your battery life by following these tips:

  • The battery life of lithium-ion batteries should be between 20% and 80% and never let the battery go below 20%.
  • To use your laptop, your laptop must be charged for at least 24 hours.
  • The laptop should be plugged into the charger to prevent overheating while the battery is removed.
  • Keep them charged for laptops without removable batteries at around 50% before you stop utilizing them for a while. The battery can be removed from your laptop if you need to take a break for a few weeks. It can damage your battery if you leave it unchanged for a significant time.
  • You should occasionally charge your laptop if it hasn’t been used for quite some time to avoid damage to the battery.
  • The sun should not be exposed to your laptop.

A laptop battery with a low battery life can lose up to 30% of its capacity after charging for hours. A laptop is mainly meant to be convenient and portable, so it defeats its purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Laptops Performance Increase While Charging?

It might have crossed your mind that you notice almost no lag when you plug in your charger. This is because when your laptop reaches a certain battery power or begins to heat up, it slows down by using fewer resources to minimize the chances of overheating and overworking. The laptop will not have to reduce performance since it is plugged in.

Does Gaming Damage Your Laptop?

Playing games on your laptop will not harm it. Like most applications and programs on your laptop, games can cause it to overheat. It is normal for your laptop to overheat while playing games but if it overheats regularly, it is likely to damage its internal components.

Final Verdicts

The battery will degrade slower and you won’t have to wait to charge again. In my opinion, you should only consider playing games on battery power when you are far away from AC power and are willing to give up some battery life for a few hours of entertainment.

The only thing we wouldn’t buy a gaming laptop for is the purpose of using it for high-demand tasks on battery power. Your comments on battery-powered games are welcome in case of any insecurity or issue.

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