Lenovo Laptop Screen Black

Lenovo Laptop Screen Black

If you turn on your Lenovo laptop and the screen is black, don’t worry. There is a possibility that the black screen on the Lenovo laptop could be fixed without replacing the laptop or computer. There are several reasons for this. As long as we control our reactions, we can resolve them independently.

There are several probable causes for the Lenovo black screen of death issue discussed here and some practical solutions. You should read this article with total concentration if your Lenovo laptop is not starting up with a black screen. It may be due to hardware malfunction or software issues.


Lenovo Laptop Screen Black

When there is a problem with the LCD backlight or the graphics driver, the laptop screen will be black. Test the display by connecting an external display and restarting the computer. The LCD on a notebook might go black if the graphics driver and the external monitor clash but the computer continues to work.

Causes for Black Screen of Lenovo Laptop

There are various causes of a Lenovo laptop’s black screen. The most common ones include:

Disk Errors

The most common cause of Lenovo’s black screen problems is problematic disk errors. They are often caused by power fluctuation, hardware failure, poorly maintained systems, viruses or human error.

Graphics Card Errors

A malfunctioning graphics card can also be responsible for your ‘black screen of death problem. Stuttering, screen glitches, black/blue screens, excessive fan noise and screen glitches are some signs that the graphics card is malfunctioning.

Windows OS Behaving Unexpectedly

The Windows OS can begin acting strangely such as operating slower than usual, stuttering while executing commands, making strange notification sounds or making unexplained changes to files or folders. A malfunctioning system may result from a short power outage, a power fluctuation, a software crash, an outdated version and updating error or a virus attack.

Faulty Laptop Battery

Suppose It could be a faulty battery preventing your Lenovo laptop from starting up. There are several early indications that the battery in your laptop is running low including overheating, failing to charge, short-run times and shutdowns and warnings about the need to replace the battery.

Faulty Laptop Display

Laptops differ from regular desktop computers in part because of their non-detachable screens. It makes the computer more convenient and portable but it can be challenging to maintain if not handled well. Those connecting the screen and keyboard of the laptop might get damaged, resulting in the laptop not working correctly. A faulty display can be indicated by the absence of a screen, lines or dots on the screen, incorrect colors, distorted imagery and other symptoms.

Virus/Malware Attack

Suppose Malware infections and other technical problems mentioned above may be responsible for your laptop’s frequent crashes. If none of the above problems exist, your laptop may be affected by a virus. Your antivirus software is insufficient or you do not have antivirus protection.

Peripheral Devices Malfunction or Corruption

There are times when the black screen on Lenovo laptops is caused by devices connected to it such as headphones. Due to an error or infection, there might be some problems with an external hard drive, printer, etc.

Solution For Black Screen of Lenovo Laptop

Fix 1: Reset the Connection

Lenovo laptops will become black if their operating systems lose connection to their screens. It is possible to fix Lenovo’s black screens by resetting the connection between the two devices.

  • Your connection must be reset by pressing Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B.
  • You can test this by checking whether your Lenovo screen returns to normal. If so, congratulations! In any other case, please try the following fix.

Fix 2: Hard Reset Your Lenovo Laptop

As mentioned above, the hardware issues like the peripheral devices connected to your Lenovo laptop can also cause problems. Try hard to rest your Lenovo laptop to fix the hardware issue.

You can hard reset your Lenovo laptop by following these steps:

  • It would help if you shut down your Lenovo laptop.
  • The power cord needs to be unplugged. It is now necessary to gently unplug the battery and any external equipment connected to your laptop.
  • Set your Lenovo laptop aside for around 30 to 40 seconds.
  • Your Lenovo laptop must be held in power mode for a few minutes.
  • Your Lenovo laptop’s battery must be reinstalled and the power cord connected.
  • The laptop should be restarted.

Is the Lenovo laptop screen still black? It indicates that one of the peripheral devices is causing the black screen on Lenovo laptops. If you see the black Laptop screen again after reconnecting all your peripheral devices, one of them is likely causing the issue.

When the Lenovo laptop screen goes black, try the following solutions in safe mode (boot your Lenovo laptop into safe mode).

Fix 3: Update Your Graphics Card Driver

It might be a problem with Lenovo’s graphics , Run can be launched by pressing Windows + R.

  • You will see the Run dialogue box after typing devmgmt.MSC and hitting Enter.
  • Expand the Display adapters category inside the Device Manager window.
  • For graphics cards, click on the category. The graphics card properties window will appear after clicking the Drivers tab. Click the Update Driver button.
  • A driver update search can be automated.
  • You will need to follow the screen instructions after the driver has been updated.
  • Your computer will take effect once it has been rebooted.

Check it out if the “Black screen Lenovo” issue still exists. If the issue occurs again, please follow these steps. If the issue occurs again, please follow these steps. When you google things like driver updates, you probably heard about Driver Easy. Can it cause problems for your computer? Keep reading to learn more.

Fix 4: Restart the Explorer.exe Process

Other things. You will not see your desktop or taskbar if your Lenovo laptop is closed. If this happens, restart explorer.exe.

  • If this happens, restart explorer.exe.
  • Select the Details tab as soon as the Task Manager opens.
  • Locate the explorer.exe process under the Details tab and click End task.

Fix 5: Disable Fast Startup

A feature called Fast Startup in Windows 10 allows you to speed up your computer’s startup process. This feature sometimes does not work correctly and has the effect of causing a black screen of death. You can test the fix by disabling the feature.

This is how you can disable Fast Startup:

  • Run can be launched by pressing Windows + R.
  • In the Run dialogue box, enter powercfg.CPL.
  • There is an option in the Power Options window called Choose what the power buttons do. You can then select a currently unavailable setting on the next window by clicking it.
  • You can enable fast startup by unticking the Turn on fast startup (recommended) box, then clicking Save Changes and closing the window.
  • The screen may return to normal after restarting your Lenovo laptop.

Fix 6: Reinstall the Memory Modules

A second step would be to reinstall the memory module to remove it from the DIMM slots and reinstall it later which could resolve problems such as long startup times and black screens on a laptop.

Using the steps below, you can reinstall memory modules on your Lenovo laptop.

  • Your Lenovo laptop should be turned off, the power cables disconnected and the battery removed.
  • Remove the screws from the back of the computer and pull out the service door.
  • You can release a memory module from the spring tension by pulling both arms simultaneously when you see a memory slot held by two arms.
  • The memory module should be gently removed from the hatch using a clipper.
  • A clean cloth should be used to brush the memory slot. It would help if you did not touch the slot directly.
  • The notch on the memory module must be aligned with the slot.
  • The memory module should latch correctly after you push it down slowly.
  • The battery should now be attached to the position of the service door.

Fix 7: Perform a System Restore

Have you recently installed a new program or performed a Windows update on your Lenovo laptop? Such changes can cause the laptop to black out. To restore your laptop to a previous state before the changes were made, you recommend performing a system restore.

  • You can create a restore point by using the search icon in the taskbar, typing restore and clicking Create a restore point.
  • The System Restore button is located under the System Protection tab.
  • The System Restore window will show you some information and you can click Next to proceed.
  • The restore point you wish to restore your system to can be selected by ticking the Show more restore points checkbox, then clicking Next.
  • The system restores process can be completed by following the on-screen instructions.
  • The Lenovo screen is black after restarting your computer.

The solutions above are all for “Lenovo black screen.”

Final Verdicts

A Lenovo black screen isn’t too hard to fix in most cases. Is the problem resolved through the above fixes? We eagerly await your response! You should scan your hard drive for bad sectors and lost files before working on your repaired Lenovo laptop.

The Lenovo Laptop Black Screen of Death may be caused by malware or viruses if these solutions do not work. The effects of malware or viruses can be devastating to your computer. The problem can be resolved by scanning your computer with powerful antivirus software which will effectively and safely remove any malware or viruses that may be present.

It may also be possible to try another solution to fix this issue. It would help if you repaired your computers/laptops with powerful PC Repair Tools/Software that can remove all faculty software from the computers, clean them of all types of malware, repair all kinds of bugs and improve the system’s performance as well. Through the following “Download” link, you can access the powerful PC Repair Tool/Software.

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