Here we introduced the unsung hero in the tech professions who always do harf effort to solve your issues and gives the best possible recommendation from our experts based on their personal experience. Our company LaptopExplorers does not just focus on laptops but also on laptop accessories and hires a team of professionals under the supervision of a specific category manager.

As there is lots of spam spread worldwide, LaptopExplorers does not follow anyone. Rather all the information provided here is unique and personally tested. Once our experts tested it personally and passed the criteria, we showed it before you so that you can benefit from our expertise and experiments.

I as a CEO of Reputed website LaptopExplorers pen down the details of every expert working uniquely on their specific domain. All these are the head and manager of a team of further 6 to 8 professionals. Let’s explore their expertise and further their team that are working under the supervision of these professionals

John Smith – [ Laptop & Gaming Laptop Hardware Manager]

John Smith is the most experienced and aged expert of 40 years in our team. He started the work of exploring different laptop issues and analyzing them manually outside and inside.

At the age of 20, he loved to smell laptops and started his career to fix the laptop issues. He took 3 years to become an expert and started working as a Hardware Manager in the well known company of Precision Industry Co. Ltd in California in 2005. He worked there 5 years and then moved to Florida and joined another company. He worked there and joined Laptop Explorers as a Hardware Manager in 2021. Till now, our collaboration is running cool and I wish to work with him lifetime in the future.

A team of 8 member is also working under the supervision of John Smith. They solve the daily routine facing issue and some of them are travel worldwide to analyze the laptop and taking interviews of top laptop user of the world. After collecting the data, they summarize it and present it before you. Here is the complete process of our team working.